Analysis of Linux network IO model (five) reactor model analysis and implementation method

reactor model analysis and implementation method Network Model for Highly Concurrent Network Programming Reactor Reactor Introduction and Composition Advantages of reactors Analysis of the implementation part of reactor Reactor related definitions Reactor part module introduction reactor initialization (multiplexer initialization) Event Registration (Registration of Handlers) Iterations of processing, event turn calls (dispatchers & triggers) Test Results […]

Webserver 02 semi-synchronous semi-reactor thread pool

Directory Thread Pool: Why use a thread pool? How to create a thread pool? semi-synchronous/semi-reactor Five IO models Blocking and non-blocking IO The difference between non-blocking IO and asynchronous IO Synchronous IO and asynchronous IO Difference between event processing mode Reactor and Proactor mode Synchronous IO simulation proactor mode Is the more threads in multithreading […]

maven reactor

“Maven Combat” study notes In a multi-module Maven project, a reactor (Reactor) refers to a build structure composed of all modules. For a single-module project, the reactor is the module itself, but for a multi-module project, the reactor includes the inheritance and dependency relationship between modules, so that it can automatically calculate a reasonable The […]

Reactor reactor pattern

So far, high-performance network programming can not get around the reactor mode. Many well-known server software or middleware are implemented based on the reactor mode. For example, Nginx, the “most famous and highest performance” web server in the universe, is based on the reactor model; Redis, as one of the highest performance cache servers, is […]

Multithreading in Reactive Programming Reactor

In Reactive Programming in Java, we had a basic understanding of reactive programming. And incidentally learned about Reactor, the best time for reactive programming in Java. Today we continue to learn about reactive programming through Reactor, the multithreading in Reactor we are going to talk about today. Traditional Java multithreading In traditional Java multi-threaded development […]

IO Reactor mode JAVA

Motivation Dealing with IO every day, I am familiar with it, but the pictures in my mind may not be the same “Proficient” in IO and “picky” -> missing a line in series The high-level language framework is transparent about IO-related API usage details -> Difficulties have been paved by predecessors Too basic…not “tall”…Common related […]

Server network model (3) reactor

Article directory Background Reactor Single reactor single thread/process Single reactor multithreading Multiple reactors and multiple threads example Generate background Through the previous study, we know that the server can use IO multiplexing technology such as epoll to achieve high concurrency when processing a large number of connections. However, during use, it is found that it […]

Blocking and non-blocking in the network and reactor model

Article directory 1. Responsibilities of the network `IO` Operation `IO` How `IO` operates **The specific difference between blocking and non-blocking `IO`:** Blocking the flow of `IO` in a system call The flow of non-blocking `IO` in system calls The network programming system call has the function of detection and operation `accept`: `read`: `write`: 2. The […]

Reactor threading model

Reactor threading model 1. Concept 2. Role 3. Model type Single Reactor – single thread Single Reactor – Multithreading ?Master-slave Reactor-Multithreading Code design (refer to zk) 1. Create a service and create a service context factory 2. Initialize the service context factory configuration 3. Start the service, start the thread in turn from the inside […]