Nest + Redis + map to realize nearby power bank

Everyone must have taken a taxi. Taxi-hailing software can search for nearby vehicles based on your current location: During these two days of National Day, if you go out to play, you may borrow a shared power bank. It also searches for nearby power banks based on your location: Then everyone searches for nearby hotels, […]

Centos7 installs the latest stable version of Redis7.x | Configure startup (hardcore level | nanny level)

Advanced syntax and practical combat of classes in Python3 Python3 (basic | advanced) syntax practice (|multi-threading|multi-process|thread pool|process pool technology)|solutions to multi-thread security issues Python3 data science package series (1): Practical data analysis Python3 data science package series (2): Practical data analysis Python3 data science package series (3): Practical data analysis Win11 View the installed Python […]

Golang operates Redis

Redis is a popular in-memory key-value database that is widely used to build high-performance caching and message queuing applications. This article will introduce how to access redis through go-redis. 1. Install dependencies go get How to connect redis in golang client := redis.NewClient( & amp;redis.Options{<!– –> Addr: “localhost:6379”, // redis address Password: “”, // […]

In-depth exploration of geospatial query: how to elegantly implement accurate geographic data storage and retrieval techniques in MySQL, PostgreSQL and Redis

Blogger Maotouhu () takes you Go to New World? Blog homepage–Mao Touhu’s blog “Complete Column of Interview Questions” Articles with pictures and textsVivid imagesEasy to learn! Everyone is welcome to step in~ “IDEA Development Cheats Column” Learn the common operations of IDEA and double your work efficiency~ “Master Golang in 100 Days (Basic Introduction)” Learn […]

95. Spring Data Redis uses RedisTemplate to implement custom queries and Spring Data Redis sample queries

Spring Data Redis uses RedisTemplate to implement custom queries Book entity class The original interface then inherits our customized interface Custom query interface—-CustomBookDao Implementation class: CustomBookDaoImpl 1. Customize the method of adding hash objects 2. Customize the query for Book objects whose price is higher than a certain point Test: Customize the method of adding […]

go language and redis database

1 Interact with redis database through go language Installation command go get After the installation is completed, create test.go in the home directory, copy the following code into test.go, compile and execute test.go, and then find the key c1 value in redis as hello, indicating that the installation is successful. package main import (“”) […]

SpringSecurity integrates JWT and Redis

Spring Security’s integration of JWT and Redis is a powerful way to implement user authentication and authorization, as well as provide token generation and verification. The following is a basic example that demonstrates how to integrate JWT and Redis for user login operations in Spring Security. 1. Add dependencies: Make sure your project contains Spring […]

Redisson-distributed objects

Each Redisson object instance will have a corresponding Redis data instance. You can obtain the name (key) of the Redis data instance by calling the getName method. RMap map = redisson.getMap(“mymap”); map.getName(); // = mymap All operations related to Redis key are summarized in the RKeys interface: RKeys keys = redisson.getKeys(); Iterable<String> allKeys = keys.getKeys(); […]