The road to growth if you want to become proficient in algorithms and SQL – the longest substring with at least K repeating characters

The road to growth if you want to master algorithms and SQL – the longest substring with at least K repeating characters Preface 1. The longest substring with at least K repeating characters 1.1 The premise of sliding window: two-stage nature 1.2 Manually add restrictions to make them two-stage 1.3 Complete code (sliding window) 1.4 […]

[Practical combat] Flowing arrows – linear flow component (repeating-linear-gradient, @keyFrames)

Article directory 1. Introduction 2. Component ideas 3. Effect drawing 4. Source code src\components\flow-arrow\index.js src\components\flow-arrow\keyFrames.js src\components\flow-arrow\constant.js Component call 5. Extend learning 1.repeating-linear-gradient 2.animation 3.@keyFrames Obtain component source code: Recommended books “Next.js in practice” 【brief introduction】 1. Introduction In large-screen data display, if the data in different data layers is displayed by nodes, in order to […]

SpringBoot anti-repeated submission AOP method

Anti-duplicate submission process Obtain the current HttpServletRequest object and record the requested address, request method, intercepted class name and method name and other information. Obtain request parameters through pjp.getArgs() and convert the parameters into strings for generating unique identifiers. The cache key cacheRepeatKey is generated based on the requested address, parameters, unique identification and other […]

The relationship between Mysql isolation level and dirty reads, phantom reads, and non-repeatable reads

Mysql isolation level The default isolation level of the MySQL database is repeatable read (REPEATABLE READ). READ UNCOMMITTED (read uncommitted data): One transaction can read data that has not yet been committed by another transaction, which may lead to problems such as dirty reads, non-repeatable reads, and phantom reads. READ COMMITTED (read committed data): A […]

2019HDU multi-school training seventh game J-Just Repeat

J: Just Repeat Time limit: 2 Sec Memory limit: 128 MB Title description When Cuber QQ was chatting happily in a QQ group one day, he accidentally noticed that there was a counterfeit of him, who stole his avatar and mimicked his tone, and more excessively, had a nickname “Quber CC”, which was sarcastic to […]

RabbitMQ repeated consumption

Article directory Preface Repeat consumption problem Method 1: Message idempotence Method 2: Message deduplication Foreword Solving the RabbitMQ repeated consumption problem is a very important part of the message queue application. In actual applications, consumers may fail to process messages for some reason (such as network problems, application crashes, etc.), and then start processing the […]

[Eplan-Api] Check whether the break points in the project are related and repeated

[Eplan-Api] Check whether the break points in the project are related and repeated indicate Ideas Check if the breakpoint is relevant Check if breakpoints are repeated Effect demonstration Note The test version is EplanP8 and the version is 2.9. Preliminary learning, the program is not the optimal way, only provides ideas, welcome to exchange. Click […]

Java project interface repeatedly submits solutions

Interface repeated submission problem Solutions and advantages and disadvantages solution Advantages and Disadvantages Implementation examples In response to the problem of repeated submissions, some measures are needed on both the front end and the back end to ensure the idempotence of user operations and prevent repeated submission of the same request. Here are some solutions […]

lintcode 581 · The longest repeating subsequence [medium vip dynamic programming / recursion]

Title Given a string, find the length of the longest repeating subsequence, and the two subsequences cannot have the same element at the same position. For example: the i-th element in the two subsequences cannot have the same subscript in the original string. Sample example 1: Input: “aab” Output: 1 explain: The two subsequences […]