SpringBoot integrates Logback+ MDC request tracking + EvaluatorFilter to write Java code filtering

Article directory SpringBoot integrates Logback + MDC request tracking + EvaluatorFilter to write Java code filter conditions Introduce dependencies logback-dev.xml configuration file application.yml configuration Configure the MDC filter Configure the filter order (the order of using annotations in Filter sometimes fails) Run the project to display the log results SpringBoot integrates Logback + MDC request […]

Java implements the Session class similar to the python requests package, and automatically manages cookies.

1. In py, the requests.post() and get() functions automatically generate an instance of the Session class inside that function, so if the requests, post and get functions want to do things that can only be done after logging in, they need to be added cookie or write the cookie in the headers. If you want […]

Use XMLHttpRequest to read and manipulate svg graphs in vue (control dom flickering)

<template> <div class=”this_bk”> <div id=”svgTemplate” ref=”svg”></div> </div> </template> <script> import wftSvg from “@/assets/svg/xxmap.svg”; export default { data() { return { svgDom: null, allDom: null, } }, created() { this. getSvg(); }, mounted() { // svg mouse scroll event window[‘havcZooming’] = (e) => { console.log(e, ‘havcZooming—–>>>’) this. zoomimg(); } }, methods: { getSvg() { let _this […]

Python’s various network request libraries urllib3 requests aiohttp request http and https efficiency comparison, multi-threading, gevent, asyncio comparison, super large thread pool, 2n + 1 thread pool comparison…

The three purposes of this article are not to go astray by just obsessing with concepts. Some people think that there is a set of concepts, but in fact it is not what they think. This article uses various network request libraries, various concurrency modes, and thread pools of various sizes to test 50,000 requests […]

uniapp encapsulates the method of request interception and response interception

Separately encapsulate the sending network request interface — uni.request Encapsulation of request file resquest.js Create a resquest request file resquest.js var baseURL = ‘/’ //public api address. export default (options) => { // Here the network can do operations before the request, such as Mount token, place loading, etc. return new Promise((resolve, reject) => { […]


Request and Response Course objectives 1. Understand what is Request and Response 2. Understand Reqest to obtain request information 3. Master the use of Request domain objects to share data 4. Use Response to set response information 5. Master Redirection One.ServletRequest 1.1 Concept The server encapsulates the service into a servlet service object, then the […]

Kotlin implements Android network request

1HttpURLConnection implementation scheme When making a network request, the user needs to determine the permission of the request, and add the permission of the network request to the xml <uses-permission android:name=”android.permission.INTERNET”/> Simple implementation of network requests class HttpURLConnectionTest:AppCompatActivity() {<!– –> override fun onCreate(savedInstanceState: Bundle?) {<!– –> super.onCreate(savedInstanceState) setContentView(R.layout.internet_layout) //The first way to request the network […]