Spring Boot integrates RocketMQ to realize normal, delay, transaction message sending and receiving, PULL consumption mode and enable ACL | Spring Cloud 30

1. Foreword In the previous section, we had a basic understanding of RocketMQ through the following chapters: docker-compose builds RocketMQ 5.1.0 cluster (dual master and dual slave mode) | Spring Cloud 28 docker-compose build RocketMQ 5.1.0 cluster to enable ACL permission control | Spring Cloud 29 Now let’s formally study the integration of RocketMQ in […]

[Spring Boot + Vue]: front-end routing VueRouter

1. Basic concept of VueRouter Vue-Router is the official routing plugin for Vue.js, making it easy to build single-page applications with Vue.js. Features include: Nested route-maps dynamic routing Modular, component-based routing configuration Route parameters, queries, wildcards Demonstrates transition effects provided by Vue.js’ transition system Detailed Navigation Controls Links to auto-activate CSS classes HTML5 history mode […]

C++ simulation implementation string

Article directory foreword 1. Related header files included 2. Construction and destruction 1. Constructor 2. Copy construction 1. Traditional writing 2. Modern writing 3. Assignment operator overloading 1. Traditional writing 2. Modern writing 4. Destructor Three, iterator Four, modify 1.push_back (insert a character at the end) 2.append (insert a string at the end) 3. Operator […]

Spring boot integrates elasticsearch

elasticsearch Introduction A certain call: ElasticSearch is a search server based on Lucene. It provides a distributed multi-user capable full-text search engine based on a RESTful web interface. Elasticsearch, developed in Java and released as open source under the terms of the Apache license, is currently a popular enterprise-grade search engine. Designed for cloud computing, […]

SpringBoot integrates Logback+ MDC request tracking + EvaluatorFilter to write Java code filtering

Article directory SpringBoot integrates Logback + MDC request tracking + EvaluatorFilter to write Java code filter conditions Introduce dependencies logback-dev.xml configuration file application.yml configuration Configure the MDC filter Configure the filter order (the order of using annotations in Filter sometimes fails) Run the project to display the log results SpringBoot integrates Logback + MDC request […]

No 1. SpringBoot + Maven project construction

No 1. Project construction 1. Environment preparation JDK 1.8 Maven 3.6.3 Idea PostMan interface testing tool 1.1 Maven configuration Alibaba mirror configuration (Maven setting.xml, note that the part marked in red does not know how to ask Du Niang) <?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″?> <!– Licensed to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) under one or more contributor […]

[Spring Boot + Vue]: VueX state management library

For componentized development, the state of a large application often spans multiple components. It is very troublesome to transfer state between multi-layer nested parent-child components, and Vue does not provide a method for sibling components to directly share data. Based on this problem, many frameworks provide solutions: use a global state manager, and hand over […]

Spring6 – (06) Bean scope

Article directory Spring6 – (04) Bean scope 1. singleton 2. prototype 3. Other scopes Spring6 – (04) Bean scope 1. singleton By default, the Bean object created by Spring’s IoC container is a singleton. Step 1: Create a SpringBean class package com.julissa.spring6.bean; public class SpringBean {<!– –> } The second step: configure beans.xml <?xml version=”1.0″ […]

SpringBoot integrates Redis, and understanding of cache penetration, cache avalanche, cache breakdown, how to add locks to solve the problem of cache breakdown? How to add distributed locks in distributed cases

Article directory 1. Steps 2. Specific process 1. Introduce pom dependencies 2. Modify the configuration file 3. Unit testing 4. Test results 3. Redis running status 4. Practical application in the project 5. Locking solves the problem of cache breakdown Code one (there is a problem) Code two (problem solving) 6. New questions 7. Distributed […]

[BootstrapVue] Sliding and monitoring Scrollspy to realize restaurant food display

1. Introduction Renderings: Description: Automatically updates a bootstrap navigation or list group component based on scroll position to indicate which link is currently active in the viewport. Function: It can be used for the sidebar of the dish display page of the restaurant ordering, the sidebar of the blog system, etc., to achieve smooth vertical […]