SpringBoot: SpEL makes complex permission control easy!

The path to growth as a programmer Internet/Programmer/Technology/Data Sharing focus on This article should take approximately 6 minutes to read. From: juejin.cn/post/7226674759626571833 1 Introduction 2 SpEL expression 3 Let’s do it Custom annotations Define aspects 4 Permission verification First, introduce SpEL: Then, get the expression we need from the annotation. Expression parsing Custom parsing method […]

How does JS determine that text has been ellipsis?

Big factory technology advanced front-end Node advanced Click above for Programmer Growth Guide and follow the official account Reply 1, join the advanced Node communication group Foreword If you want the text to be omitted with an ellipsis after it exceeds the width, just add the following css. .ellipsis { overflow: hidden; text-overflow: ellipsis; white-space: […]

SpringBoot: SpEL makes complex permission control easy!

This is a community that may be useful to you One-to-one communication/interview brochure/resume optimization/job search questions, welcome to join the “Yudao Rapid Development Platform” Knowledge Planet. The following is some information provided by Planet: “Project Practice (Video)”: Learn from books, “practice” from past events “Internet High Frequency Interview Questions”: Studying with your resume, spring blossoms […]

Golang os package: process creation and termination, running external commands

The os package and its subpackage os/exec provide methods for creating processes. Generally, the os/exec package should be used first. Because the os/exec package relies on the key process creation APIs in the os package, for ease of understanding, we first discuss the process-related APIs in the os package. part. Creation of process In Unix, […]

How to add permissions to vxetable right-click menu options and render based on row data

How to add permissions to vxetable right-click menu options and render based on row data Business scenario: ? The page has button permissions, and the right-click menu function is also implemented on the form. It is also necessary to control the permission function of the right-click menu. Solution ideas: By viewing the document, right-click the […]

Deploy YOLO pruning model to edge terminal device jeston-orin-nano method

I encountered a lot of pitfalls in the process. I have only recently finished all the bugs in the experiment and recorded them 1Foreword TensorRT is a high-performance deep learning inference optimization library officially provided by NVIDIA, supporting two programming languages API: C++ and Python . Under normal circumstances, deep learning model deployment will pursue […]

RABC permission model and Spring Security

Today, I’m going to take you into an area full of strategy and excitement-permission battles. In this battle, our protagonists are the RABC permission model (Role-Based Access Control) and Spring Security. Together, they will create a safe and stable world for us. Permission model: the maker of game rules First, we compare the permission model […]

Performing Inference In INT8 Precision

Performing Inference In INT8 Precision Table Of Contents Description How does this sample work? Configuring the builder to use INT8 without the INT8 calibrator Configuring the network to use custom dynamic ranges and set per-layer precision Building the engine Running the engine TensorRT API layers and ops Preparing sample data Running the sample Sample –help […]