AIDL+MemoryFile anonymous shared memory realizes cross-process large file transfer

Note: The content of this article is reproduced from the following article: Using AIDL to efficiently transfer large files across processes AIDL AIDL is a way to implement inter-process communication (Inter-Process Communication) in Android. AIDL‘s data transmission mechanism is based on Binder. Binder has a limit on the size of the data to be transmitted. […]

Message queue implements AB process dialogue; shared memory and semaphore set complete multi-process string flipping and output

Message queue implements AB process dialogue Requirements Process A first sends a sentence to process B, and process B prints it after receiving it. Process B then replies a sentence to process A, and process A prints it after receiving it. Repeat step 1.2 Shared memory and semaphore set complete multi-process string flipping and output […]

System programming two: vfork+exec+process communication method pipe+signal

1. Analyze resource issues of parent-child processes from a memory perspective 1. Example 1 #include<stdio.h> #include <unistd.h> #include <stdlib.h> int main() { //The code of the original process int a = 100; printf(“main\\ “); \t //Create a child process pid_t id = fork(); if(id == -1)//Error { printf(“fork error\\ “); return -1; } else if(id […]

System Programming Three: Signal Processing + Signal Blocking Properties

1. Function interface about signals 1. How to send a signal to another process? (kill) Order kill – signal value ID number of the process killall – signal value process name function kill – send signal to a process //Send a signal to a process SYNOPSIS #include #include int kill(pid_t pid, int sig); parameter: pid: […]

Multi-threaded JUC Season 2 synchronized lock upgrade process

An overview of synchronized 1.1 Features of synchronized Using locks can achieve data security, but it will cause performance degradation. Synchronized is a heavyweight lock, and the lock upgrade process is:No lock -> Biased lock -> Lightweight lock -> Heavyweight lock. When concurrency is high, synchronization calls should try to consider the performance loss of […]

[HiSilicon SS626 | Development Environment] The entire process of compiling the entire SDK and summary of problems

Directory I. Overview 2. Install cross-compilation tools ?2.1 Install aarch64-mix410-linux.tgz ?2.2 Install cc-riscv32-cfg11-musl-20220523-elf.tar.gz ?2.3 Check the tool chain version. Printing the version means the installation is successful. 3. Install the software package ?3.1 Install software package ?3.2 Install dependent libraries of mtd-utils ?3.3 Install pip and kconfiglib ?3.4 Other configurations 4. Unzip the SDK and […]

The whole process of printing and compiling C++ (214)

Introduction: CSDN blog expert, focusing on Android/Linux System, share multi-mic voice solutions, audio and video, codec and other technologies, and grow with everyone! Quality Column:Audio Engineer Advanced Series[Original information is being updated continuously… ] Life motto: There are never shortcuts in life, only actions It is the only cure for fear and laziness. For more […]

Kafka 3.5 acks in producer requests, how to process the source code on the server side

1. Description of producer client configuration parameter acks 1.acks=1 2.acks=0 3.acks=-1 2. Before the request is written to the Leader’s data pipeline, the number of ISR copies of the Leader and the minimum number of ISRs in the configuration will be verified. 1. If the Leader’s ISR is less than minInSyncReplicas in the configuration file, […]

SpringBoot-thread pool ThreadPoolExecutor asynchronous processing (including split collection tool class)

ThreadPoolExecutor VS ThreadPoolTaskExecutor ThreadPoolTaskExecutor encapsulates ThreadPoolExecutor. Configuration file application.yml # Asynchronous thread configuration custom usage parameters async: executor: thread: core_pool_size: 10 max_pool_size: 100 # Configure the maximum number of threads queue_capacity: 99988 # Configure queue size keep_alive_seconds: 20 #Set the thread idle waiting time seconds name: prefix: async-thread- # Configure the name prefix of threads […]

Python interface automated construction process, including request request encapsulation

Some thoughts at the beginning Interface test automation benefits The obvious benefit is freeing your hands. Can automatically execute a large number of test cases in a short time Improve test coverage by changing test data in a parameterized and data-driven manner Quick feedback on test execution results and reports Processes that support continuous integration […]