RSA+AES realizes hybrid encryption

Why Use RSA + AES Hybrid Encryption 1. Introduction to Encryption RSA encryption: It belongs to asymmetric encryption. The public key is used to encrypt data, and the private key is used to decrypt data. The two are irreversible. The public key and the private key are generated at the same time and correspond to […]

Python implements binary tree recursive traversal

Article directory 1. Introduction 1. Full binary tree 2. Complete binary tree 3. Binary search tree 4. Balanced Binary Search Tree Two. Binary tree front, middle and back order traversal 3. Binary tree definition 1. Chain storage 2. Sequential storage 4. Binary tree recursive traversal 1. Preorder traversal implementation 2. Inorder traversal implementation 3. Post-order […]

Python project realizes the reversal of file content and input (1) complete reversal

Article directory refer to describe project complete reversal file pointer Revisit verify seek() function optimization blank line at the end of the text guess Reference Project Description Search Engine Bing Description Project Description Python 3.10.6 Operating system Ubuntu 22.04.2 LTS (64-bit) Project The purpose of this project is to reverse the contents of the object […]

The 1st Universal Cup. Stage 8: Slovenia.(Skills in Pills-dp)

Problem K. Skills in Pills Input file: standard input Output file: standard output Time limit: 1 second Memory limit: 256 megabytes An unnamed protagonist of this task received amazing e-mail offers for wondrous pills that will enhance their cognitive and all other sorts of abilities. After carefully analyzing all offers and side effects, he has […]

Asynchronous control flow traversal reduce

Article directory basic method asynchronous traversal reduce reduceRight compose Basic method Asynchronous traversal reduce basic use The next iterator will be executed when the parameter is passed to the next one through done var collection = [1, 3, 2, 4]; var iterator = function(result, num, done) {<!– –> setTimeout(function() {<!– –> done(null, result + num); […]

[Create graph, breadth and depth traversal, shortest path (Dijkstra), (Prim) and (Kruskal), shortest path (Floyd) algorithm]

#include <cstdio> #include <cstdlib> #include <cstring> #include <cmath> #include<string> #include <set> #include <list> #include <queue> #include <vector> #include <map> #include <iterator> #include <algorithm> #include <iostream> #define MaxVerNum 100 //The maximum number of vertices #define VexType char //vertex data type #define EdgeType int //Edge data type, the adjacency matrix is symmetric for an undirected graph, and […]

Binary tree generation and traversal

Structure definition struct Node {<!– –> Node *parent = NULL; Node *leftChild = NULL; Node *rightChild = NULL; int value = 0; }; Generation of binary tree // Generate a tree based on the input order of the data in the vector container Node *generateTree(const vector<int> s) {<!– –> int n = s. size(); if […]

Li Yang: Teach you how to develop a meta-service universal card

After HDC in 2022, “Hongmeng World” has attracted wide attention. As a pioneer of Hongmeng practitioners, in order to help the increasingly prosperous HarmonyOS application novice developers quickly experience and get started with HarmonyOS application and meta-service development, I wrote this hand-in-hand development teaching guide . This article mainly includes three aspects. The first part […]