ESP32/ESP8266 drives 1.8″tft_oled screen imitation digital tube clock based on Arduino framework

ESP32/ESP8266 drives 1.8″tft_oled screen imitation digital tube clock based on Arduino framework Related article “ESP32 drives I2C OLED time display based on U8g2 under Arduino framework” Effect demonstration: The screen display part uses the TFT_eSPI library driver and uses the unique font display that comes with the library. The screen adopts 128*160 1.8″tft_Oled screen. This […]

[Android] Screen lag, optimized list fluency, pull down to refresh, pull up to load more components, RefreshLayout modification

I have also written about similar components before: Address: Pull down to refresh & pull up to load more components SmartRefreshLayout I originally planned to replace it with this one, but after careful research I found it was not suitable. The functions are very good, but they cannot be embedded in the current engineering system. […]

Arduino + OLED screen display bitmap

original There are already many projects using Arduino to drive a 0.96-inch OLED screen to display various information. If we need to drive OLED to display images, logos, etc. whatever we want, here is a simple and general method. You need to use Image2Cp, a tool for converting images to CPP code. Component list Arduino×1 […]

Completely solve the problem of black screen or unchanged picture on Win11 lock screen interface

Problem description I don’t know what I did today. After a few operations, the picture on the lock screen interface of win11 became fixed. It used to have the effect of automatically changing the picture focused on windows, but now it is gone. Then I searched for help. After the second operation, the lock screen […]

Screen adaptation solution for vue project

Option 1: Use scale-box component Attributes: width width default 1920 height height default 1080 bgc background color default “transparent” delay adaptive scaling anti-shake delay time (ms) default 100 vue2 version: vue2 large screen adaptation scaling component (vue2-scale-box – npm) npm install vue2-scale-box How to use: <template> <div> <scale-box :width=”1920″ :height=”1080″ bgc=”transparent” :delay=”100″> <router-view /> </scale-box> […]

Android—screen adaptation processing skills

A few years ago, screen adaptation has been a major problem that troubled Android development engineers. However, with the birth of various screen adaptation solutions in recent years and the launch of various Google adaptation controls, screen adaptation has become increasingly easier. Below, we will summarize the skills about screen adaptation. ConstraintLayout Many Android engineers […]

Porting the st7789 screen driver to Allwinner XR806

Foreword I am very glad to have the opportunity to participate in the “Free Trial” Allwinner XR806 Wi-Fi + BLE development board trial event equipped with ARM Technology STAR-MC1 held by Jishu Community. I became interested in Quanzhi’s MCU chips last year, but I never had the opportunity to get in touch with them. When […]

LCD screen uses ST7567G+UC1701E

LCD screen usage record LCD screen usage record 1-Screen introduction 2-ST7567G screen 3-UC1701 screen 4-Code Example 4-Points of attention 1-Screen Introduction Since the project uses the screen, make a simple record backup The screen uses 128*64 dot matrix screen The model number is ST7567G + UC1701E Using SPI driver Brief description of screen dot matrix […]

milkv4. Add LCD screen gc9306

Foreword This chapter introduces how to add the LCD screen GC9306 driver. Circuit diagram dts build\boards\cv180x\cv1800b_milkv_duo_sd\dts_riscv\cv1800b_milkv_duo_sd.dts & amp;spi2 {<!– –> status = “okay”; /delete-node/ spidev@0; gc9306: gc9306@0{<!– –> compatible = “sitronix,gc9306”; reg = <0>; status = “okay”; spi-max-frequency = <48000000>; spi-cpol; spi-cpha; rotate = <90>; fps = <30>; rgb; buswidth = <8>; //dc-gpios = < […]