[Algorithm] Search class – binary search algorithm

Summary of binary search algorithm Algorithm description This algorithm is a search algorithm. When you need to find an element from an ordered array, you can use this algorithm to find it. (This article assumes that the array is in ascending order) Algorithmic Thought Each time a half search is performed, the middle element value […]

HTML adds search and paging functions to the drop-down box (obtains search data from the server through ajax)

Article directory Development of drop-down box search paging function Function use Source code and Demo (please like it before leaving) test.html searchable-select.css searchserver-select.js Development of drop-down box search paging function Recently, I need to develop a drop-down box that searches the database and paging components from the server through Ajax requests. The source code and […]

Binary tree: 235. The nearest common ancestor of a binary search tree, 701. Insertion operations in a binary search tree, 450. Deleting nodes in a binary search tree

Tips: Live hard and have a happy day Article directory 235. Recent common ancestor of binary search tree Problem-solving ideas Problems encountered Code Summary of the question The nearest ancestor problem of a binary search tree is actually much simpler than the common ancestor problem of an ordinary binary tree. There is no need to […]

elasticsearch cluster deployment-practical operation

elasticsearch (cluster) Case version: elasticsearch 8.6.2 Operating system: CentOS 7 Note: Use normal user operations throughout the process. 0. Node information Node Description master slave … slave02 1. Environment configuration 1.1 Modify the file /etc/security/limits.conf Adjust the maximum open file descriptor of the process (nofile) Maximum number of user processes (nproc) Maximum locked […]

ELK (2) elasticsearch

Introduction to elasticsearch Elasticsearch is an open source distributed, RESTful-style search and data analysis engine. Its bottom layer is an open source library. Apache Lucene. Port: 9200 Advantages: distributed high availability, simple to use, fast search speed, easy to expand horizontally Disadvantages: Without detailed permission management, each node may have inconsistent information due to network […]

MFC realizes automatic search of serial port number

Preface In order to realize the automatic connection of the serial port, I wrote a serial communication program by myself. I hope it will be helpful to you when writing a serial port. 1. Find the function CreateFile. In serial communication, generally devices manually input the serial number to achieve serial communication. In order to […]

gRPC memory horse research and detection

Foreword Two weeks ago, I saw the “Memory Horse’s Offensive and Defense Game Journey – gRPC Memory Horse” released by the M01N Team public account. The article introduced how gRPC memory horse is injected into and executes commands. However, the original article only gave a demo of the shooting range. , the poc of using […]