Flutter series: make a download button animation

Article directory Introduction Defines the status of the download Define the properties of the DownloadButton Let the properties of DownloadButton change dynamically define downloadController Define the details of DownloadButton Summarize Introduction We often use some animation effects to indicate the progress during the development of the app, such as a download button. We hope that […]

JavaEE (Series 13) — Multithreading (CAS)

Directory 1. What is CAS 2. CAS pseudocode 3. Application of CAS 3.1 Implement atomic classes 3.2 Implement spin lock 4. ABA questions of CAS (common interview questions) 4.1 The ABA problem 4.2 ABA problem solution 1. What is CAS CAS: full name Compare and swap, literally means: “comparison and exchange”. A CAS involves the […]

First look at the door 32 series 08–input capture

Article directory Timer programming practice 3: General timer input capture hardware design General-purpose timer input capture pulse width measurement principle CubeMX configuration General-purpose timer input capture experiment configuration steps 1. Configure the basic working parameters of the timer 2. Timer input capture MSP initialization 3. Enable timer update interrupt and capture, capture interrupt and counter […]

Spring Boot Series: Integrating Redis Database Distributed Tools Redisson Cache Spring Cache

Integrated Redis database distributed tool Redisson cache Spring Cache Redis client Jedis Jedis is a lightweight Redis client implemented in Java, with a simple and Socket-based operation mode and high performance. Jedis API provides comprehensive support for Redis commands. Using blocked I/O operations, method calls are all synchronous, and the program flow cannot be executed […]

[EasyPoi Practical Series] Spring Boot uses EasyPoi to dynamically control the exported columns – Part 471

Historical articles (articles accumulatively 460+) “One of the most complete Spring Boot series in China” “The Most Complete Spring Boot Series in China Part 2” “The Most Complete Spring Boot Series in China Part Three” “The Most Complete Spring Boot Series in China Part Four” “The Five Most Complete Spring Boot Series in China” “The […]

MyBatis Source Code Series Nine: Dynamic SQL Processing

MyBatis Source Code Series Nine: Dynamic SQL Processing Foreword In previous articles, we have learned MyBatis configuration file parsing, SQL mapping file parsing, creation of SqlSessionFactory, working principle of SqlSession, implementation of Executor, transaction management and plug-in mechanism of MyBatis, etc. This article will delve into the processing of dynamic SQL in MyBatis. Dynamic SQL […]