Android Performance Optimization Series App Startup Optimization

The slow startup speed of applications is a problem we often encounter during the development process, such as black screen and white screen problems caused by slow startup. This blog will introduce the relevant knowledge of App startup optimization. How to launch the app Generally speaking, there are two starting methods: cold start and hot […]

Pikachu vulnerability range series brute force cracking

Foreword This is the first article in the Pikachu vulnerability shooting range series~~ (it should be serialized)~~. First, let’s briefly introduce the Pikachu shooting range. This shooting range was developed by Chinese people and is purely in Chinese. If you encounter difficulties during practice, you can check the tips. There are also supporting learning videos. […]

List series collection and Set series collection

1. List series collection 1. Features 2. Unique methods 2. Traversal of List collection Because the List collection has an index, it can be traversed using a for loop These functions can be used by List implementation classes (LinkList, ArrayList). 3. The underlying principle of the ArrayList collection 1.Principle 2. Applicable scenarios 4. The underlying […]

Automated test series – UI automated testing

UI testing is a type of testing also known as user interface testing, through which we check if the interface of the application is working properly or if there are any bugs that hinder user behavior and do not comply with the written specifications. It is crucial to understand how the user will interact between […]

Gold-YOLO latest YOLO series model

Paper address Code address Table of Contents 01 Introduction to the paper 01Abstract 02Model training process 01Installation environment 02Modify parameters in train 01Modify the –data-path parameter 02Modify the –conf-file parameter 03Other parameter settings 03Training 04Something went wrong 02Model verification process 01Parameter modification 01Modify –data, –weights 02–task task mode 03 Others 02Verification 03Model reasoning […]

Target detection algorithm improvement series: Backbone replaced by VanillaNet

Introduction to VanillaNet Introduction: VanillaNet is a neural network architecture that incorporates elegance into its design. By avoiding complex operations such as high depth, shortcut, and self-attention, VanillaNet is simple and powerful. Each layer is crafted to be compact and straightforward, with non-linear activation functions pruned after training to restore the original framework. VanillaNet overcomes […]

Characterizing time series using recurrence plot

In this article, I will show how to use Recurrence Plots to describe different types of time series. We will look at various simulated time series with 500 data points. We can visually characterize a time series by visualizing its recurrence plot and comparing it to other known recurrence plots of different time series. Recursive […]