[Memo] Install SSL certificate on Nginx server

You can install an SSL certificate on the Nginx or Tengine server to securely access the web server through HTTPS. This article describes how to install an SSL certificate for Nginx or Tengine server. Important This article takes CentOS 8.0 64-bit operating system and Nginx 1.14.2 as examples. Deployment operations may be different for different […]

Typical configuration of DNS server in Linux

Table of Contents BIND installation and deployment Forward analysis Programming zone configuration file Programming data configuration file Change the DNS address parameters in the network card to the local IP address ( Reverse analysis Programming zone configuration file Programming data configuration file Check the results. Change the DNS address parameter in the network card to […]

C# Socket TCP 2 heartbeat protocol + anti-stain packet + proactively disconnect from the server

In the previous code, a C# .net TcpClient implemented the full-duplex communication protocol_tcpclient protocol_Green Lemon 676’s Blog-CSDN Blog We have implemented the heartbeat of TCP and introduced the full-duplex communication protocol. Today we will take you to understand what TCP packet immersion is and how TCP prevents packet immersion. So let’s make a long story […]

Build a server without a fixed IP

A nearly perfect solution Background: A server with a bandwidth of about 20 MB is required, but Alibaba Cloud’s cloud server is too expensive. If the bandwidth is high, it will be even more expensive. But using the local server directly, there is no corporate public network fixed IP, only dynamic public network IP, which […]

ESP32-DHT11 temperature and humidity data upload to MQTT server

ESP32-DHT11 temperature and humidity data uploaded to MQTT server Introduction ESP32 DHT11 experiment Experiment instructions wiring MQTT server establish connection Add subscription ESP32 drives DHT11 ESP32 sends data to MQTT server Upload temperature and humidity data Experimental results Introduction ESP32 Click on the image to purchase The ESP32 series modules integrate Wi-Fi, traditional Bluetooth and […]

“Amazon Cloud Technology Product Review” event call for papers|Building a streaming media server with “weak” image processing functions

Authorization statement: This article authorizes the official Amazon Cloud Technology article to forward and rewrite the rights, including but not limited to Amazon Cloud Technology official channels such as Developer Centre, Zhihu, self-media platforms, third-party developer media, etc. This article is based on the following software and hardware tools: +awsec2 + frp-0.52.3 + mediamtx-1.3.0 + […]

How to use ESP8266 and DHT11 to collect indoor temperature and humidity and send them to the server program through WIFI

Have you ever thought about implementing your own indoor temperature and humidity detection system? I used the weekend to accomplish this small goal. I used ESP8266 and DHT11, and sent the collected data to the server program through WIFI and stored it in a SQLite database. In the following introduction, I will share with you […]

Build a website using wordpress based on IIS under Windows Server

Article directory Preface 1. Components required to build a website in WordPress 2. Component installation and configuration 1. Enable IIS 2. Install and configure php 3. Install and configure MySQL 4. Install and configure wordpress 3. Analysis of error prompts and causes encountered Foreword When I was learning wordpress before, because I was not familiar […]