Nodejs server-side MVC architecture

Foreword I shared an article on the interaction between Nodejs and MySQL database before. This article mainly talks about how to use the mysql module. Today I am going to share a Nodejs server-side MVC architecture, through the API provided by the server to complete the CRUD operation of the database. Introduction to MVC MVC […]

Downloading and decompression of compressed files through the minio server

1: Download the compressed file to the local server //Download the compressed file public static void main(String[] args) {<!– –> try {<!– –> // Initialize the MinIO client MinioClient minioClient = MinioClient. builder() .endpoint(“http://” + “”) .credentials(“admin”, “admin123456”) .build(); // Download the compressed file to the local file system, a temporary file generated in temp […]

asio(12), asynchronous tcp, udp server

Official website tutorial: asio asynchronous tcp, udp server int main() {<!– –> try {<!– –> asio::io_context io_context; We will first create a server object to accept TCP client connections. tcp_server server1(io_context); We also need a server object to accept UDP client requests. udp_server server2(io_context); We’ve created two io_context objects that do a lot of […]

PingCAP Huang Dongxu: Serverless is the future form of database

Author: Community Assistant Original source: Thirty years ago, to write code, programmers had to use complex assembly language. But today, few programmers know how to use assembly language, and simpler high-level languages such as C++, C#, JAVA, Rust, and Go have become the mainstream of development. As the technology wave changes, each generation of […]

Realization of TCP communication based on QT (TCPServer and TCPClient)

Article directory 1. Software introduction 1.1 TCPServer server interface 1.2 TCPClient client interface 1.3 The server and client establish a connection and communicate with each other Two, QT implements TCPServer and TCPClient 2.1 TCPClient client 2.1 TCPServer server 3. Code sharing Recently, because of the need to use the test TCPServer (TCP server) and TCPClient […]

Use py and flask to browse the server system directory, and log files can be displayed on the web page in real time

I hope to see the log in color, and I hope to see it from the browser instead of connecting to the machine. Browse the folders of the system, scan + the hierarchical name of the system folder as url routing, you can deeply see the folders at any level on the machine, and realize […]

A large number of log viewing commands for Linux servers to quickly locate errors

Quickly locate errors for a large number of logs tail -f catalina.ou (dynamic view log) cat catalina.ou (open log file from scratch) You can use >nanjiangtest.txt to output a new log to view [root@yesky logs]# cat -n catalina.out |grep 717892466 >nanjiangtest.txt tail/head simple command to use: [root@yesky logs]# tail -n number catalina.out Query the log […]