ADO interface _RecordsetPtr pointer

Original reference: ADO interface_RecordsetPtr-CSDN blog _RecordsetPtr smart pointer, which is a pointer specially set up for operating the database through the recordset. Through this interface, various operations can be performed on the records, fields, etc. in the database table. To be clear: the database and the ADO record set are two different concepts, two storage […]

[RK3568][Android12.0]— The system comes with preset third-party APK method

Platform: RK3568 OS: Android 12.0 Kernel: 4.19 Rockchip provides a mechanism to preset third-party APKs by default. The method is very simple: 1. Create the preinstall directory in device/rockchip/rk3568 (if you want it to be uninstallable, create the preinstall_del directory) 2. Put the APK you want to pre-install into this directory preinstall cannot be uninstalled […]

Principles of using eBPF in Android and examples of kprobe dmabuf_setup

Table of Contents eBPF in Android Android eBPF kprobe dma code Define a MAP Define a PROG bpfprogs/Android.bp test program bpfprogs/memstats/Android.bp bpfprogs/memstats/MemStats.h bpfprogs/memstats/MemStats.cpp bpfprogs/memstats/MemStatsMain.cpp Compile and run Result analysis summary eBPF in Android Official website: The official Android website has a more detailed introduction. For official examples of using eBPF in Android, you can […]

C++: Encapsulation principle of map and set

Article directory Red-black tree packaging Encapsulation of map and set Implementation of red-black tree iterator Implementation of operator + + and — ++ implementation process Other modules for iterators For implementing const solution to set map solution overall implementation This article was written after the red-black tree simulation was implemented, and map and set were […]

Open source software FFmpeg generates models using image data sets

This article talks about the open source software ffmpeg, which has helped countless video software companies, countless online video websites, and countless CDN cloud service vendors. Share how to use it to convert various video or movie files into tens of thousands of image data sets and wallpaper collections, so that the model program in […]

93. Restore IP Addresses 78. Subsets 90. Subsets II

93. Restore IP Addresses A valid IP address consists of exactly four integers separated by single dots. Each integer is between 0 and 255 (inclusive) and cannot have leading zeros. For example, “” and “” are valid IP addresses, but “”, “” and “[email protected]” are invalid IP addresses. Given a string s containing only digits, […]

threejs(13)-shader set point material

Shader material built-in variables The built-in variables of the three.js shader are gl_PointSize: In point rendering mode, controls the rendering pixel size of the square point area (note that this is the pixel size, not the three.js unit, so when the camera is moved, the size of the point seen on the screen remains unchanged) […]

8. Data structure-string, encoding set

Coding table Chinese coding table ? Mapping of numbers to Chinese single characters. Chinese characters can only use multi-byte 2 bytes, and there are always 65535 states. Common Chinese encodings include GB2312, GBK, GB18030, and BIG 5. ? All encoding tables are compatible with single-byte ASCII tables. UNICODE ? Multi-byte, one encoding table solves the […]

Add never sleep function in msm8909_Setting

In the project, the Android board needs to enter the desktop when it is turned on and never sleep. The project uses Fibocom’s SC806 Android development board and msm8909 platform. Configure never sleep diff Put the diff file in front and you can apply it directly! diff –git a/frameworks/base/packages/SettingsProvider/res/values/defaults.xml b/frameworks/base/packages/SettingsProvider/res/values/defaults.xml index 64378d7ba7..3ee1079fb5 100644 — a/frameworks/base/packages/SettingsProvider/res/values/defaults.xml […]