Add never sleep function in msm8909_Setting

In the project, the Android board needs to enter the desktop when it is turned on and never sleep. The project uses Fibocom’s SC806 Android development board and msm8909 platform. Configure never sleep diff Put the diff file in front and you can apply it directly! diff –git a/frameworks/base/packages/SettingsProvider/res/values/defaults.xml b/frameworks/base/packages/SettingsProvider/res/values/defaults.xml index 64378d7ba7..3ee1079fb5 100644 — a/frameworks/base/packages/SettingsProvider/res/values/defaults.xml […]

Product management swiper setting and deletion implementation

<template> <el-card> <el-row :gutter=”20″ class=”header”> <el-col :span=”7″> <el-input placeholder=”Please enter the product name…” clearable v-model=”queryForm.query”></el-input> </el-col> <el-button type=”primary” :icon=”Search” @click=”initProductList”>Search</el-button> <el-button type=”primary” @click=”handleDialogValue()”>Add product</el-button> </el-row> <el-table :data=”tableData” stripe style=”width: 100%”> <el-table-column prop=”name” label=”Product Name” width=”200″ fixed/> <el-table-column prop=”image” label=”Product image” width=”150″ align=”center”> <template v-slot=”scope”> <img :src=”getServerUrl() + ‘/image/product/’ + scope.row.proPic” width=”80″ height=”80″/> </template> </el-table-column> <el-table-column […]

k-Wave丨Photoacoustic imaging simulation丨Definition of Gaussian sensor frequency response + comparison of simulation functions + setting of initial pressure gradient (5)

This article introduces– 1.How to define Gaussian sensor frequency response: How to express the frequency response of a detector (for example: piezoelectric ultrasonic transducer) when the response has a Gaussian shape, based on the example of a homogeneous propagation medium; 2.Comparison of simulated functions: Introducing a brief comparison between the simulated functions “kspaceFirstOrder2D” and “kspaceecondorder”. […]

[ElasticSearch Series-07] ES development scenarios and index sharding settings and optimization

ElasticSearch series overall column Content Link address [1] ElasticSearch download and installation [2] ElasticSearch concepts and basic operations https://blog.csdn. net/zhenghuishengq/article/details/134121631 [3] ElasticSearch’s advanced query Query DSL [4] Aggregation query operation of ElasticSearch [5] SpringBoot integrates elasticSearch [6] The construction of Es cluster architecture and the core concepts of clusters https: // […]

MATLAB generates dll library and calls and parameter settings in Qt

Navigation Matlab generates dll and calls it in Qt Matlab generates dll Qt calls the generated dll dll library input and output parameters My experience when using it Reference link Matlab generates dll and calls it in Qt Manually converting Matlab algorithms into C++ is time-consuming and laborious, and the C/C++ code generated by matlab […]

gRPC gRPC service timeout setting

1. gRPC service timeout setting The default request timeout of gRPC is very long. When you do not set the request timeout, all running requests will occupy a lot of resources and may Running for a long time will lead to excessive service resource consumption, making subsequent request responses too slow, and even causing the […]

The most complete interpretation of maven settings (local warehouse, remote warehouse, authentication, etc.)

1. Interpretation of setting 1.maven warehouse configuration The warehouse priority is: local warehouse (localRepositories) > repositories warehouse in profile > POM > mirrors global warehouse What is the use of settings.xml? If you have used the Maven plug-in in Eclipse, you must have this experience: configure the path of the settings.xml file. What does the […]

Instructions for setting up and using Docker

Article directory Preface 1. Introduction 2. Install docker 3. docker image 4. Create a new docker image 1. Build through Dockerfile 2. Modify based on the open source image on DockerHub and build an image suitable for yourself. 5. Create a new docker container 1. Enter docker 2.Example 3. Enter the container you created 4. […]