Customize Shader in Substance Painter

Why learn to customize Shader in Substance Painter? Answer: The rendering effect in the engine and Substance Painter must be consistent, and the material configuration must be consistent. What you see is what you get. Basic overview First, in the shader settings, we can view the shader used for current rendering. If there is no […]

AIDL+MemoryFile anonymous shared memory realizes cross-process large file transfer

Note: The content of this article is reproduced from the following article: Using AIDL to efficiently transfer large files across processes AIDL AIDL is a way to implement inter-process communication (Inter-Process Communication) in Android. AIDL‘s data transmission mechanism is based on Binder. Binder has a limit on the size of the data to be transmitted. […]

The use of Android anonymous shared memory

Note: The content of this article is reproduced from the following article: The use of anonymous shared memory in Android How does the drawing of Android View pass data to SurfaceFlinger? When communicating across processes, how to transfer data larger than 1MB? Using Anonymous shared memory (Ashmem) is a good choice. It can not only […]

Hibernate + Springboot implements the @Filter filter to automatically add conditional filtering. How to implement sprinboot multi-tenancy (shared table, by adding tenant_id)

Hibernate + Springboot implements @Filter filter to automatically add conditional filtering After three days and three nights of torture, I finally solved this requirement. First of all, this requirement is generally implemented through annotations. So the first step is to write an annotation by hand: @Target({<!– –>ElementType.PARAMETER, ElementType.METHOD})//The target location for annotation placement, METHOD can […]

matplotlib: drawing of subplots and sharing of coordinate axes

Table of Contents Chapter summary Draw subgraphs of fixed areas and subgraphs of custom areas Shared subplot axes Line chart and donut chart cases Bar chart case Histogram and pie chart examples Stacked column chart and line chart cases Histogram, line chart, stacked chart cases Chapter programming questions Chapter Summary Draw the sub-picture of the […]

Message queue implements AB process dialogue; shared memory and semaphore set complete multi-process string flipping and output

Message queue implements AB process dialogue Requirements Process A first sends a sentence to process B, and process B prints it after receiving it. Process B then replies a sentence to process A, and process A prints it after receiving it. Repeat step 1.2 Shared memory and semaphore set complete multi-process string flipping and output […]

[C++] Polymorphism “Li Liyuan Shang spectrum”

Table of Contents 1. Concept 2. Definition 2. Virtual function rewriting (overwriting) 3 special cases of virtual functions 1. virtual keyword 2. Override the destructor 3. Covariance 3.Interview questions 4. The difference between interface inheritance and implementation inheritance 5. C++11 override & final 1. final: Modify the virtual function to indicate that the virtual function […]

springboot integrates ShardingSphere5.2.1 (latest version)

The content includes two methods: table configuration file type and custom type. Unable to direct the last code, crazy pictures config MyBaseMapper package; import com.baomidou.mybatisplus.core.mapper.BaseMapper; import java.util.List; public interface MyBaseMapper<T> extends BaseMapper<T> {<!– –> /** * Batch insertion, equivalent to insertList */ int insertBatchSomeColumn(List<T> entityList); } MybatisPlusConfig package; import com.baomidou.mybatisplus.annotation.DbType; import com.baomidou.mybatisplus.core.injector.AbstractMethod; import […]

[Kernel driver] Kernel module transfer participates in symbol sharing

00. Directory Article directory 00. Table of Contents 01. Overview 02. module_param 03. Symbol sharing code 04. Program example 05. To be continued 06. Appendix 01. Overview As an extensible dynamic module, the kernel module provides flexibility to the Linux kernel, but sometimes we need to pass different parameters to the kernel according to different […]