A redis3 master-3-slave cluster built based on hash slots using docker containers

1. Construction background Cluster mode-docker version, hash slot partition for billion-level data storage 1. 100-200 million pieces of data need to be cached. How to design it? Answer: Using distributed storage, there are generally three solutions in the industry The first type: hash remainder partition (generally used by small factories) Disadvantages: The biggest disadvantage of […]

openpnp – modify source code – SlotSchultzFeederConfigurationWizard

Article directory openpnp-src modify-SlotSchultzFeederConfigurationWizard Overview notes Remark END openpnp – src modify – SlotSchultzFeederConfigurationWizard Overview When assigning components to SlotSchultzFeeder, I found that the Part names generated in the coordinate file were spelled together and the names were very long. When selecting from the feeder component drop-down list, I don’t feel confident because I can’t […]

[QT] Signals and slots can automatically pass parameters

1. Pre-sample code main.cpp #include “widget.h” #include <QApplication> // argc, argv receive mouse and keyboard commands and pass them to the QApplication object. int main(int argc, char *argv[]) {<!– –> QApplication a(argc, argv); // Application object a, in Qt, there is only one application object. Widget w; // Window object w, Widget parent class -> […]

openpnp – SlotSchultzFeeder source code bugfix

Article directory openpnp – SlotSchultzFeeder source code bugfix Overview notes openpnp source code debugging environment Troubleshooting ideas Open a git branch Issues found – 1 Issues found – 2 Issues found – 3 Logical corrections to address the above issues D:\my_openpnp\openpnp_github\src\main\java\org\openpnp\machine\reference\driver\wizards\GcodeDriverConsole.java D:\my_openpnp\openpnp_github\src\main\java\org\openpnp\machine\reference\driver\GcodeDriver.java D:\my_openpnp\openpnp_github\src\main\java\org\openpnp\machine\reference\driver\GcodeAsyncDriver.java D:\my_openpnp\openpnp_github\src\main\java\org\openpnp\machine\reference\feeder\wizards\SlotSchultzFeederConfigurationWizard.java D:\my_openpnp\openpnp_github\src\main\java\org\openpnp\machine\reference\driver\GcodeDriver.java D:\my_openpnp\openpnp_github\src\main\java\org\openpnp\Main.java Remark END openpnp – SlotSchultzFeeder source code bugfix Overview […]

PostgreSQL Replication Slot Analysis and Research

PostgreSQL 9.4 begins to support the new feature of Replication Slot. Regarding Replication Slot, there is not much introduction in the document, and it is difficult to understand what it does at first glance. In fact, the emergence of Replication Slot mainly paves the way for the eventual realization of logical replication and bidirectional replication […]

vue2 skill tree (8) – component reuse, slots, dynamic components

Directory Detailed explanation of Vue 2 component reuse Global component reuse Project examples Reuse of local components Project examples Slot reuse Project examples Dynamic component reuse Project examples Detailed explanation of Vue 2 component slots basic slot Project examples named slot Project examples scope slot Project examples Detailed explanation of Vue 2 dynamic components Basic […]

Qt Signals & Slots VS QEvents – Qt cross-thread asynchronous operation performance test and selection suggestions

Related code reference: https://gitcode.net/coloreaglestdio/qtcpp_demo/-/tree/master/qt_event_signal 1. Origin of the problem When implementing low-latency transformation of taskBus, avoiding the abuse of signals and slots played a better role. In the previous article, the author described how to improve the throughput of the software radio (SDR) platform by avoiding broadcast signals and frequent new and delete. Recently, considering […]

C++ – Implementing events and delegates, signals and slots mechanisms using the standard library

Use the C++ standard library to simply implement event triggering mechanism Event.h /* Author:StubbornHuang Data:2023.1.31 Email:[email protected] */ #ifndef _EVENT_H_ #define _EVENT_H_ #include <functional> #include <map> #include <type_traits> #ifndef EVENT_NO_THREAD_SAFETY #define EVENT_THREAD_SAFETY #endif // !EVENT_NO_THREAD_SAFETY #ifdef EVENT_THREAD_SAFETY #include <atomic> #include <mutex> #endif // EVENT_THREAD_SAFETY #ifdef EVENT_THREAD_SAFETY #define DELEGATE_ID_TYPE std::atomic_uint64_t #else #define DELEGATE_ID_TYPE std::uint64_t #endif // EVENT_THREAD_SAFETY […]

Vue – standard development methods, components (global, local, props, event delivery), use of slots

Table of Contents 1. Vue 1.1. Standard development method 1.2. Use of components 1.2.1. Global components 1.2.2. Local components 1.2.3. props transfer static data 1.2.4. props transfer dynamic data 1.2.5. Event delivery 1.2.6, slot slot 一、Vue 1.1. Standard development method The standard development method of Vue is SPA (Single Page Application): a single-page web application, […]