About Scala’s use of traits to implement multiple inheritance conflict resolution mechanisms and superimposed traits

First, the construction order of Scala: This refers to the construction order when a superclass and one or more traits are extended when creating a class, or when a class object is mixed with traits. (There must be no order when there is only a single class) Suppose there is a parent trait, trait1, and […]

SMS verification code, identity verification name, and mobile phone three-element real name in three steps, teach you how to call the API interface, examples can be used

SMS verification code, identity verification name, and mobile phone three-element real-name three-step process It is full of dry goods to share, and the code can be run after obtaining the corresponding AppKey; python3 environment As we all know, the biggest problems faced by information systems and website business are illegal system login, login password colliding […]

Java implements SMS verification code

Preface I am using the SMS service of Ali, and tried many different third-party SMS service platforms at the beginning, such as Miaodi Technology and Montnets Cloud Communication. Why did I choose these two in the first place? First of all, they gave 10 yuan for registration (#^.^#), but later found that they all need […]

SIM900a fails to send SMS and restarts the disk.

The hardware used is the single chip microcomputer STC32G12K128, the crystal oscillator is 24MHZ, and the baud rate is 9600 Communication module SIM900a. The instruction for sending English text messages is as follows AT (answer) OK ————–Boundary —————— AT+CSQ (Response, it will change according to the actual signal as follows) + CSQ: 22,0 OK ————–Boundary […]

Talking about the three mechanisms of Qiankun JS isolation (snapshot sandbox, two proxy sandboxes)

1. The development history of the three sandboxes of Qiankun Js isolation mechanism In front-end development, in order to ensure that codes between different applications do not interfere with each other, we need to use a Js isolation mechanism, usually called a sandbox. In the Qiankun framework, we use three different Js isolation mechanisms, namely […]