WPFImage control displays Gif pictures

class GifImage : Image { private bool _isInitialized; private GifBitmapDecoder _gifDecoder; private Int32Animation _animation; public int FrameIndex { get { return (int)GetValue(FrameIndexProperty); } set { SetValue(FrameIndexProperty, value); } } private void Initialize() { _gifDecoder = new GifBitmapDecoder(new Uri((this.GifSource.StartsWith(“pack://”) ? “” : “pack://application:,,,”) + this.GifSource), BitmapCreateOptions.PreservePixelFormat, BitmapCacheOption.Default); var frameinfo = _gifDecoder.Metadata.GetFrameInfo(); var delay = frameinfo.Delay; _animation […]

Use grafana to display data in SQLite database tables

1. Environment preparation yum -y install epel-release yum -y install sqlite sqlite-devel yum -y install python-pip pip install –upgrade setuptools yum list available python* | grep paramiko yum -y install python-paramiko yum -y install python2-requests 2. Script # !/usr/local/python3.8/bin/python3 # -*- coding:UTF-8 -*- import sqlite3 import re def dict_factory(cursor, row): # Process the data obtained […]

Analysis of BEV classics Lift, Splat, Shoot

Article 1: LSS algorithm data shape flow chart – Zhihu The Lift Splat Shoot algorithm is an algorithm for autonomous driving perception, which was proposed by NVIDIA. This algorithm works by converting multi-view camera images into feature representations in 3D space. The main idea is to generate 3D features from each camera’s image through “Lift”, […]

TienChin event management-activity list display

Backend ActivityVO /** * @author BNTang * @version 1.0 * @description Event Management VO * @since 2023-23-05 **/ public class ActivityVO extends BaseEntity { /** * Activity ID */ private Integer activityId; /** * Event name */ private String activityName; /** * Channel ID */ private Integer channelId; /** * Channel name */ private String […]

Embedded Linux bare metal development (3) SDK transplantation and BSP management

Directory of series articles Article directory Table of Contents of Series Articles Preface BSP Engineering Management SDK package migration File migration Additional documents Data Type Supplementary Document startup file Write other required documents Makefile Link script file imx6ul.lds Foreword I have learned LED driver assembly development and C language development before, but it is obvious […]

Webapi in .net framework uses swagger to display interface documents

Step 1: Search for the “Swashbuckle” package in nuget package management, and then install it (Note: If it is .net core api, please install Sawshbuckle aspnetcore). Step 2: Open the project App_Start folder and modify the SwaggerConfig.cs configuration file I am just modifying the title of the swagger document here Step 3: Create the xml […]

Error starting ApplicationContext. To display the conditions report re-run your application Troubleshooting

The jar package failed to start the project, and an error was reported: Error starting ApplicationContext. To display the conditions report re-run your application with ‘debug’ enabled. Error troubleshooting and resolution; Regarding this error, there are many reasons for the error. When encountering it for the first time, you need to read the error log […]

Doing microcontroller embedded development, array pictures in C language, files with suffixes such as .c and .h, use python to read, display, restore and save them into ordinary picture format files. Such conversion programs cannot be found on various networks.

When doing microcontroller embedded development, the image files used in the program are generally not ordinary image files such as jpg, png, gif, etc., but files in the form of .c, .h. In order to restore the array image in C language form in the source code, a python program was specially written to display, […]

(2) Punctual Atomic STM32MP135 transplantation – TF-A transplantation

Table of Contents 1. Overview of TF-A 2. Compile the official code 2.1 Unzip the source code 2.2 Patching 2.3 Compilation preparation (1) Modify Makfile.sdk (2) Set environment variables (3) Compile 3. Transplantation 3.1 Copy official documents 3.2 Modify the power supply 3.3 Modify TF card and emmc 3.4 Add clk_hse 3.5 Delete other serial […]

Machine Vision-C#&C++ ROI interactive control and graphic display

1. C# calls ROI interactive control The control mainly uses the DispImgCtrDll.dll library, and the entire library supports various ROI interactions and graphic displays. ROI interaction: 1.ROI rectangle DispImgAPI_Sharp.JZ_ClearGraphic_Sharp(dispwind); CurrRoiNane = “a”; DispImgAPI_Sharp.JZ_Roi_Add_Rect_Sharp(dispwind, CurrRoiNane); DispImgAPI_Sharp.JZ_ActiveInteractiveRoi_Sharp(dispwind, CurrRoiNane); 2.ROI rotated rectangle DispImgAPI_Sharp.JZ_ClearGraphic_Sharp(dispwind); CurrRoiNane = “b”; DispImgAPI_Sharp.JZ_Roi_Add_RotateRect_Sharp(dispwind, CurrRoiNane); DispImgAPI_Sharp.JZ_ActiveInteractiveRoi_Sharp(dispwind, CurrRoiNane); 3.ROI polygon DispImgAPI_Sharp.JZ_ClearGraphic_Sharp(dispwind); List<Pt> p = new List<Pt>(); […]