pandas, split, replace text processing encyclopedia

1. Text processing encyclopedia The code is as follows (example): import pandas as pd import numpy as np df = pd.DataFrame({<!– –>’name’:[‘jordon’, ‘MIKE’, ‘Kelvin’, ‘xiaoLi’, ‘qiqi’ ,’Amei’], ‘Age’:[18, 30, 45, 23, 45, 62], ‘level’:[‘high’,’Low’,’M’,’L’,’middle’,np.nan], ‘Email’:[‘[email protected]’,’[email protected]’,’[email protected]’,’[email protected]’,np.nan ,’[email protected]’]}) df.columns.str.lower() # Change column names to lowercase 2. Text format conversion The code is as follows (example): # Change […]

[Spring Cloud] Understand the microservice architecture and split a simple demo to implement remote invocation of services

Article directory Preface 1. Understanding microservices 1.1 The evolution of service architecture: from monolith to microservices Monolithic architecture Distributed architecture Microservice architecture 1.2 Comparison of microservice technologies: Dubbo, Spring Cloud, Spring Cloud Alibaba Technology comparison Choice of company needs 1.3 Spring Cloud: The essence of microservice framework What is Spring Cloud Spring Cloud features Version […]

Configure DNS split resolution

Configuring DNS split resolution 1: Server configuration 1.1 What is separation analysis The separately resolved domain name server is actually also the main domain name server, which mainly refers to providing different domain name resolution records according to different clients. For example, when clients from different network segment address areas of the internal network and […]

Anti-killing confrontation – no file implementation & separation and splitting – text extraction + loader separation + parameter protocolization + image steganography

No file implementation & amp;Separation and splitting No file landing & separation split is actually memory anti-virus. Memory anti-virus is to load the shellcode directly into the memory. Since there is no file landing, the file scanning strategy can be bypassed. In order to make the memory anti-killing effect better, when applying for memory, a […]

5 tips for splitting view layer code in Vue

[Abstract] The sample code is hosted at: Share a speech by You DaDa: “2019 JSConf.Asia – You Yuxi” seeking balance in framework design 1. Positioning of the frame A framework is usually just an implementation of a design pattern, it doesn’t mean you can avoid all layered design work in development. The SPA framework […]

[Comprehensive explanation of Linux commands] 167. Process derivation relationship display tool pstree and compressed package splitting tool zipsplit

Article directory pstree Additional information grammar Options Example zipsplit Additional information grammar Options parameter Learn `python` from scratch pstree Show the derivation relationship between processes in the form of a tree diagram Supplementary instructions The pstree command displays the derivation relationship between processes in the form of a tree diagram, and the display effect is […]

Python cross-module implementation implements log splitting and reversal according to file size and date

An automated testing platform project of the author uses Python as the back-end server language. Based on the purpose of rapid prototyping, the project has written an extremely simple logging function that supports logging to files and printing logs of different colors on the terminal according to the log level. However, as the test platform […]