[SQL statement optimization]

Article directory SQL statement optimization ①Insert data ☆insert ☆Insert data in bulk ②Primary key optimization ☆Data organization ☆page split ☆page merge ☆Primary key design principles ③**order by optimization** ④ group by optimization ⑤ limit optimization ⑥ count optimization ⑦update optimization SQL statement optimization ①Insert data ☆insert 1) Insert data in batches If you insert multiple […]

Windows Docker installation

Windows Docker installation Docker is not a general purpose container tool, it relies on an existing and running Linux kernel environment. Docker essentially creates an isolated file environment under the already running Linux, so it performs almost as efficiently as the deployed Linux host. Therefore, Docker must be deployed on a system with a Linux […]

[Thousand-question case] TypeScript gets the distance between two points | midpoint | supplementary point | vector | angle

When we write some functions such as aiming, drawing, and erasing, we often encounter the calculation of some parameters between two points, so this article will talk about a series of parameter calculations between two points. Directory 1 The distance between two points ① Implementation principle ② Code implementation and results 2 Midpoint between two […]

STA mode – wpa_supplicant installation and use

wpa_supplicant is an open source software project, which realizes the function of managing and controlling wireless networks in WIFI STA mode. It is a tool for connecting and configuring WIFI, mainly including two programs: wpa_supplicant and wpa_cli. Prepare third-party software as follows: Download link: wpa_supplicant software package free download One, wpa_supplicant installation Description: wpa_supplicant depends […]

[Spring Boot + Vue]: VueX state management library

For componentized development, the state of a large application often spans multiple components. It is very troublesome to transfer state between multi-layer nested parent-child components, and Vue does not provide a method for sibling components to directly share data. Based on this problem, many frameworks provide solutions: use a global state manager, and hand over […]

SpringBoot integrates Redis, and understanding of cache penetration, cache avalanche, cache breakdown, how to add locks to solve the problem of cache breakdown? How to add distributed locks in distributed cases

Article directory 1. Steps 2. Specific process 1. Introduce pom dependencies 2. Modify the configuration file 3. Unit testing 4. Test results 3. Redis running status 4. Practical application in the project 5. Locking solves the problem of cache breakdown Code one (there is a problem) Code two (problem solving) 6. New questions 7. Distributed […]

[BootstrapVue] Sliding and monitoring Scrollspy to realize restaurant food display

1. Introduction Renderings: Description: Automatically updates a bootstrap navigation or list group component based on scroll position to indicate which link is currently active in the viewport. Function: It can be used for the sidebar of the dish display page of the restaurant ordering, the sidebar of the blog system, etc., to achieve smooth vertical […]

Linux installation mysql8.0 (the most detailed in the whole station)

Software as Environment Preparation 1. Prepare a Linux server Either cloud server or virtual machine is fine; (The following download is a virtual machine under Windows11) The version of Linux is CentOS7; Download ISO image file address: https://repo.huaweicloud.com/centos/7.9.2009/isos/x86_64/CentOS-7-x86_64-DVD-2207-02.iso Download operating environment: VMware8.0 Please contact QQ: 1742756263—–virtual machine installation tutorial/packaging software/Sinicization/serial number because it cannot be […]