6. Hive transactions for Hive data warehouse application (super detailed step-by-step guidance, WIN10, VMware Workstation 15.5 PRO, CentOS-6.7)

Hive remote mode deployment reference: 1. Hive deployment of Hive data warehouse application (super detailed step-by-step guidance, WIN10, VMware Workstation 15.5 PRO, CentOS-6.7) Article directory 1. Design and characteristics of affairs 1. Characteristics of affairs 2. Business design 3. Implementation of transactions 2. Operation of transaction table 1. Opening of business 2. Creation of transaction […]

python: excel holiday time extraction statistics

# encoding: utf-8 # Copyright 2023 Tu Juwen Co., Ltd. # View license information: # describe: # Author: geovindu,Geovin Du Tu Juwen. # IDE: PyCharm 2023.1 python 311 # Datetime: 2023/9/3 7:04 # User : geovindu #Product: PyCharm # Project : LukfookLeaveCalculation # File : EmpLoyeeHolidaysGet.py # explain : learn importsys import os import Common.Utils […]

Easy-to-understand encryption and decryption series (2) – “RSA asymmetric encryption and decryption examples” nanny-level explanation

? [Example introduction]: In “Easy-to-understand Encryption and Decryption Series (1)”, we used a simple Windows Console program to introduce how Windows Crypto APIs perform AES symmetric encryption and decryption. This time, we will use another Windows MFC dialog box program to explain the use of the more complex RSA asymmetric encryption interface. Of course this […]

[MySQL installation and cluster construction in Linux environment]

Article directory 1. Install MySQL8.X in Linux environment 1.1. Configure network card information in Linux environment 1.2. Remotely pull the MySQL8.x installation package 1.3. MySQL installation and related parameter configuration 1.4. MySQL startup and remote connection settings 2. MySQL master-slave cluster construction 2.1. Purpose and reasons for cluster construction 2.2. Problems in building a MySQL […]

Microservices 08-Understanding and using SpringAMQP

1. Understanding of AMQP 1.1 Introduction What is AMQP? You will know after reading it_hello_Reading is a blog that makes money-CSDN blog_amqp Benefits: What connection: message queue connection, channel: channel for service to send and receive messages, Queue: message queue -> you don’t need to write these yourself work process: The Publisher publishes the Message […]

Understanding typescript

Foreword During a recent interview, I was asked a question about typescript, and my answer was very poor, so I will reorganize the knowledge system here to consolidate it. TypeScript online editor recommendations TypeScript Playground, playcode.io, stackblitz.com, codesandbox.io The concept of es6 classes and their relationship with constructors Before es6, js generated instance objects through […]