Linked list oj question && Linked list and LinkedList && The concept of stack && The concept of queue && Tree and binary tree

Question 1 (Programming question) Question name: Find the entry point of the ring Question content: Find the entry point of the ring Question 2 (Programming question) Question name: Judgment chain watch ring Question content: Determine linked list with ring Question 3 (Programming question) Question name: Determine the intersection of linked lists Question content: Determine the […]

3.3 Stack representation and operation implementation

3.3.1 Stack type definition Main content: This text contains many basic concepts and operations of stack data structures. ### 3.3 Stack representation and operation implementation #### 3.3.1 Stack type definition 1. **Data Object**: – Defines a set of data objects, denoted as D = {a1, a2, …, an}, where n ≥ 0. 2. **Data Relationship**: […]

Java version of data structures – stacks and queues

Table of Contents 1. Stack 1.1 Concept 1.2 Use of stack 1.3 Simulation implementation of stack 1.4 Stack application scenarios 1.4.1 Changing the sequence of elements 1.4.2 Convert recursion into loops 2. Queue 2.1 Concept 2.2 Use of queues 2.3 Queue simulation implementation 2.4 Circular Queue 3. Double-ended queue (Deque) 1. Stack 1.1 Concept Stack: […]

A brief discussion on stack+queue+priority_queue in C++|STL

1. Basic concepts of stack Stack is a common linear data structure that follows the Last-In-First-Out (LIFO) principle. Similar to how we stack books or plates in real life, the last element put in is the first to be taken out. In the stack, the insertion operation (pushing) of elements is performed on the top […]

Process string formulas and convert them into mathematical formulas to calculate the results—no dependencies on the version—complete using the stack

Process string formulas and convert them into mathematical formulas to calculate the results: How to convert string to mathematical formula? 1. Dependencies need to be introduced **JEP (Java Math Expression Parser)** Library: EP is a powerful Java library for parsing and evaluating mathematical expressions. It supports variables, functions, constants, etc., and can handle various mathematical […]

Open source big data management tool ELKStack in action

Author: Zen and the Art of Computer Programming 1. Introduction With the booming development of Internet companies, the popularity of e-commerce, the rise of social networks, the popularization of mobile Internet, and the rapid development of the Internet of Things, more and more companies choose to use big data processing methods to enhance the competitiveness […]

ARM assembly instruction set-types and applications of stacks

Table of Contents 1. Multi-register memory access instructions 2. Addressing mode of multi-register memory access instructions 3. Types and uses of stacks 1. The concept of stack 2. Classification of stacks 4. Examples of stack applications 1. Examples of the calling process of leaf functions (functions that no longer call other functions) 2. Examples of […]

stack and queue in C++

Article directory 1. Introduction and use of stack 1.1 Introduction to stack 1.2 Use of stack 2. Introduction and use of queue 2.1 Introduction to queue 2.2 Use of queue 3 Introduction and use of priority_queue 3.1 Introduction to priority_queue 3.2 Use of priority_queue 4. Container Adapter 4.1 What is an adapter 4.2 The underlying […]

Implementation of stack and queue in C++

Foreword What we are going to introduce today is the adapter, stack and queue, and the priority queue. Observing the STL mentioned earlier, we found that there are many functions in the stack and queue that have many similarities with string and vector. We will not introduce the usage here. Let’s look directly at the […]