[c primer] branch statement and loop statement (on)

Article directory 1. Introductory statement 1.1 Classification of sentences 1.1.3 Control Statements Classification of control statements Branch statement_if statement Branch statement_switch statement Loop statement _while statement 1. Introductory statement This article only introduces the branch statement, and the rest of the statements are expected to be updated 1.1 Classification of sentences […]

Flink’s state programming

Flink’s state programming 1. Keyed State 1.1, value state (ValueState) 1.1.1. Definition 1.1.2. Use cases 1.2, list state (ListState) 1.2.1. Definition 1.2.2. Use cases 1.3. Mapping state (MapState) 1.3.1. Definition 1.3.2. Use cases 1.4. Reducing State (ReducingState) 1.4.1. Definition 1.4.2. Use cases 1.5, Aggregating State (AggregatingState) 1.5.1. Definition 1.5.2. Use cases Two, broadcast state (BroadcastState) […]

Database: SQL statement

How to use the database: online transaction processing. Interaction with web/APP data analytics Data model: the concept of describing data, data relationship, data semantics and consistency constraints; the concept used to describe the data in the database is essentially how to organize the data schema: Given a data model, the application stores data through this […]

ElasticSearch group statistics query

ES group query maven dependency: <dependency> <groupId>org.springframework.boot</groupId> <artifactId>spring-boot-starter-data-elasticsearch</artifactId> </dependency> Build configuration class: package cn.com.newcapec.config; import org.springframework.boot.context.properties.ConfigurationProperties; import org.springframework.stereotype.Component; @Component @ConfigurationProperties(prefix = “sl”) public class EsServiceConfig {<!– –> private String publickey; private String esUserName; private String esPassword; private String esHost; private String esPort; private String esScheme; public String getEsUserName() {<!– –> return esUserName; } public void […]

First acquaintance with branch statements and loop statements

There are five types of statements in C language: control statement function call statement empty statement expression statement compound statement Control statements are used to control the execution flow of the program to realize various structural modes of the program (C language supports three structures: sequential structure, optional Selection structure, loop structure), they are composed […]

Python statistics 13 – regression multicollinearity, heteroscedasticity, autocorrelation test

In basic statistics, or econometrics, it is necessary to perform some tests that violate the classical assumptions on regression problems, such as multicollinearity, heteroscedasticity, and autocorrelation tests. These tests are very simple with stata, r, and Eviews, but many people can’t use python. Let’s take you to practice a full version of a regression case […]

pinpoint2.5.1-install URL Statistic

Directory 1. Preparation before installation 2. Installation and configuration 2.1 Install ZK and Kafka 2.2 Create a Kafka topic 2.3 Install pinot (local installation) 2.4 Create Pinot table 2.5 Configure and run Pinpoint Collector and Web with URI statistics 2.6 The configuration value of the agent’s URI statistics 1. Preparation before installation 1.1 Official installation […]

Shell script if else fi judgment statement application

Record: 431 Scenario: Shell script if else judgment statement application. General format: if then fi, if then else fi, if then elif then else fi, if then elif then elif then else fi. Version: CentOS Linux release 7.9.2009. 1.if else common format 1.1 Format 1: if then fi if condition then command1 … commandN fi […]

ps vs top: two different ways of CPU usage statistics

How to calculate CPU utilization rate? Simply put, the CPU usage of a process refers to how much time the CPU is spending running the process. In the Linux system, the running time of a process is counted by jiffies[1]. By calculating jiffies * HZ, the CPU time consumed by the process can be obtained, […]