Super detailed! A must-see for newbies! STM32–EXTI external interrupt

1. What is an external interrupt? External interrupts are interrupts triggered by external events on pins external to the microprocessor or microcontroller, usually GPIO pins. These external events can be triggers from external devices, sensors, or other external sources. 2. Details of external interrupt The registers managed by the AFIO clock include AFIO_EVCR (time control […]

STM32Timer + basic timer

1. Basic overview of timers 1. Principle of software timer It turns out that when we use the 51 microcontroller, we use a __nop()__ to delay The delay function we use through software is inaccurate and subject to many uncertain factors. 2. Timer principle: ratio between counts Because the use of software delay is affected, […]

Application of TS318_1B0814 thermopile sensor on stm32

This project is a piece of content used in my work. I have little talent and knowledge. If there are any omissions, please give me some advice. First, let’s introduce the TS318_1B0814 thermopile sensor. I uploaded the data used by this sensor on Baidu Cloud. To put it simply, this is an analog sensor. It […]

[STM32] Several message reception filtering modes for STM32 CANFD peripherals

In Controller Area Network (CAN) systems, correctly configuring message filters is critical to effectively manage network communications. Especially when using the Flexible Data-rate Controller Area Network (FDCAN), choosing the appropriate filter type can greatly improve network efficiency and message processing speed. The CAN peripheral of the STM32G47x chip has the following reception message filtering methods: […]

GJO-LSTM-Adaboost optimizes Adaboost classification prediction of long short-term memory neural network LSTM based on the golden jackal algorithm

?About the author: A Matlab simulation developer who loves scientific research. He cultivates his mind and improves his technology simultaneously. For code acquisition, paper reproduction and scientific research simulation cooperation, please send a private message. Personal homepage: Matlab Research Studio Personal credo: Investigate things to gain knowledge. For more complete Matlab code and simulation customization […]

stm32 dual machine (f1 and f4) serial communication sends multi-byte symbol number

When I looked for serial port communication information on the Internet, most of it was communication between the host computer and the board. I rarely saw communication between two computers. I will record my thoughts in this article and hope it will be helpful. Interface connection: Select serial port one for f103, select serial port […]

Stm32_Standard library_18_Serial port & Bluetooth module_Communication between mobile phone and Bluetooth module_Control LED light on and off

Control the LED lights on and off by inputting LED_ON and LED_OFF respectively wiring: The positive electrode of the LED is connected to positive electricity, and the negative electrode is connected to GPIOA_Pin1 Bluetooth module TXD is connected to GPIOA_Pin3, VCC is connected to positive power, and GND is connected to negative power. Note: USART2 […]

[Proteus simulation] [STM32 microcontroller] Multi-channel temperature control system

Article directory 1. Function introduction 2. Software design 3. Experimental phenomena Contact the author 1. Function introduction This project uses Proteus8 to simulate the STM32 microcontroller controller, using buttons, LEDs, buzzers, LCD1602, DS18B20 temperature sensor, HC05 Bluetooth module, etc. The main function: After the system is running, LCD1602 displays the temperature collected by the first […]