Use STM32CubeMX to configure FSMC module to drive LCD screen (based on punctual atomic process)

Foreword In the process of learning STM32, I just learned the LCD screen. I use STM32F103ZET6, and the screen is punctual and atomic. But I encountered a lot of problems when lighting up the LCD screen in my own new project. After solving it, share it here, hoping to help friends who encounter this confusion. […]

STM8 analog iic interface debugging temperature and humidity sensor SHT3x driver

Background The project actually uses SHT3x for temperature and humidity measurement, the main control chip uses STM8S003F3P6, and uses the hardware connection of the analog IIC interface. Schematic As shown in the figure below, use STM8S003F3P6 pins PB4/PB5 for SHT3x data interface SHT3x-DIS is Sensirion’s new generation temperature and humidity sensor with accuracy of ±2%RH […]

STM32 Smart Desktop Fan

Directory 1. Function introduction 2. Hardware list 3. Detailed explanation of the module 1) Motor drive 2) Servo drive 3) Timing off 4) Temperature sensor 5) FLASH 6) Button control 7) Multi-level menu 8) Main function 4. The source code can be private 1. Function Introduction (1) The input voltage is DC12-24V; power module (2) […]

STM32 register map

1. Basic principles of registers The register is a special memory inside the single-chip microcomputer, which can realize the control of various functions of the single-chip microcomputer. The final purpose of our program is to control the register The following example platform is STM32F407ZG 1.1 STM32 register classification Big category Small category Description Kernel registers […]

Interface Test-Postman [3. Assertion]

Table of Contents 1. Assertion 1.1 Assertion function 1.2 specific use 1.2.1 Get an environment variable【Get an environment variable】 1.2.2 Get a global variable【Get a global variable】 1.2.3 Get a variable【Get a variable: including global variables and environment variables】 1.2.4 Get a collection variable【Get a collection variable】 1.2.5 Set an environment variable【Set an environment variable】 […]

(06) —Systick timer and ADC of STM32

Directory 【1】Systick timer concept working principle clock reference 【2】HAL_Delay function analysis 【3】Timer basic concept Timer classification Timer Composition 1. Counter 2. Automatically reload registers 3. Prescaler Timer Counting Principle experiment 2.PWM definition parameter working principle application Exercise: Adjust the brightness of LED light through PWM signal Exercise: Realize the Breathing Light Effect 3. Buzzer Introduction: […]

15. STM32 drives sht35 temperature and humidity sensor

This paper uses analog IIC to drive sht35 temperature and humidity sensor Stamping point: The IIC pull-up resistor of the purchased module is 10KΩ, which will cause IIC instability, poor anti-interference, and easy to cause timing errors; it is recommended to replace it with 4.7KΩ 1. CubeMx configuration The rest are default, generate the project […]

STM32f407 serial communication

Physical layer: stipulates the characteristics of mechanical and electronic functional parts in the communication system, and ensures the transmission of original data in physical media. In fact, it is the hardware part. Protocol layer: The protocol layer mainly stipulates the communication logic, and unifies the data packaging and unpacking standards of the sending and receiving […]

STM32F103RCT6 – MPU6050 use

Directory 1. Introduction to MPU6050 1. Pin introduction 2. Find SCL, SDA interface 3. Working principle ?edit 2. Implementation of MPU6050 1. STM32 development board wiring 2. DMP transplantation A. Create a new STM32CubeMX project B. Transplanting DMPs C. Call the API D. Modify the error report 3. Achieve results 1. Introduction to MPU6050 1. […]