Amazon RDS: Snapshot, restore, and recovery demystified

Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) is a managed relational database service offering. The managed service automation of Amazon Web Services (AWS) takes care of installation, storage provisioning, storage management, OS and database patching, and snapshot and restore of database instances . Offloading the undifferentiated heavy lifting of database infrastructure management to AWS helps you […]

MySqlC# database backup and restore

public static class SQLBackup { /// <summary> /// Execute Cmd command /// </summary> /// <param name=”workingDirectory”>Directory of the process to be started</param> /// <param name=”command”>Command to be executed</param> public static void StartCmd(String workingDirectory, String command) {<!– –>     using (Process p = new Process())     {     p.StartInfo.FileName = “cmd.exe”; p.StartInfo.WorkingDirectory = workingDirectory; p.StartInfo.UseShellExecute = false; p.StartInfo.RedirectStandardInput = […]

Doing microcontroller embedded development, array pictures in C language, files with suffixes such as .c and .h, use python to read, display, restore and save them into ordinary picture format files. Such conversion programs cannot be found on various networks.

When doing microcontroller embedded development, the image files used in the program are generally not ordinary image files such as jpg, png, gif, etc., but files in the form of .c, .h. In order to restore the array image in C language form in the source code, a python program was specially written to display, […]

Two ways to store and upload images – nginx local storage to upload images and OSS object storage

About image storage: Article directory 1.nginx local storage upload pictures 2.oss object storage 1.nginx local storage upload pictures Download the stable version from the official website and unzip it Directory structure after decompression: Enter the nginx.conf file under conf to add the image address: Change the port number and image storage path according to your […]

Milvus combines Thowee text steering vector to create new tables, store, search, and delete

1. Popular science about vector database [Part 1] Appreciation of vector database technology [Part 2] Appreciation of vector database technology milvus connection from pymilvus import connections, FieldSchema, CollectionSchema, DataType, Collection, utility connections.connect(host=’124.****’, port=’19530′) 2.milvus + Thowee text steering vector use @app.route(“/es”,methods=[“GET”,”POST”]) def es_sous(): ans_pipe = ( pipe.input(‘subject’) .map(‘subject’, ‘vector’, ops.text_embedding.dpr(model_name=”facebook/dpr-ctx_encoder-single-nq-base”))#Convert the input question text into […]

MySQL to TiDB: The road to horizontal expansion of Hive Metastore

Author: vivo Internet Big Data Team – Wang Zhiwen This article introduces vivo’s exploration process on the road of horizontal expansion of big data metadata services. Based on the actual problems faced, it conducts research and comparative tests on the current mainstream horizontal expansion solutions, and selects the TiDB solution through multiple comparisons of data. […]

Xunwei iTOP-4412 Elite Edition restores factory settings (2)

Description: Continuation of the previous article “Xunwei iTOP-4412 Elite Version of factory reset (1)” Preparation Virtual machine: VM-Ware 16.2.3; Operating system: Ubuntu Linux 16.04 (built-up Linux environment, cross-compiler, etc.); USB to serial port (PL2302 driver) and ADB driver completed; fastboot programming tool; iTOP-4412 Development Board (Elite Edition); One TF card and one card reader. 1. […]

Mysql advanced statements (view tables, stored procedures, conditional statements, loop statements)

Mysql advanced statements (view tables, stored procedures, conditional statements, loop statements) 1. CREATE VIEW (view) 1.1. Overview of view table 1.2. Can the view table be modified? (Interview question) 1.3. Basic syntax 1.3.1. Create 1.3.2. View 1.3.3. Delete 1.4. Find non-intersection values through view tables 2. case statement 3. The difference between null value (null) […]

MySQL forces the use of two methods of indexing and optimizes the index, and uses MySQL stored procedures to create test data.

1. Two ways for MySQL to force the use of indexes 1. Use the FORCE INDEX statement: explain select * from tbl_test force index (index_item_code) where (item_code between 1 and 1000) and (random between 50000 and 1000000) order by random limit 1; Use FORCE INDEX (index name) to index: 2. Use the USE INDEX statement: […]