Summary of all aspects of getting started with SpringCloud Alibaba components (Part 1): registration center-nacos, load balancing-ribbon, remote calling-feign

Article directory Nacos Ribbon Feign FeignExpansion Nacos Concept: Nacos is a new open source project launched by Alibaba. It is a dynamic service discovery, configuration management and service management platform that makes it easier to build cloud native applications. Nacos is committed to helping users discover, configure and manage microservices. It provides a simple and […]

One Demo handles the front-end and back-end multi-part uploading of large files, resumed uploading at breakpoints, and instantaneous uploading.

1Foreword File uploading is very common in project development. Most projects will involve the uploading of pictures, audios, videos, and files. Usually a simple Form can upload small files, but when encountering large files, such as more than 1GB, or When the user’s network is relatively slow, simple file upload is not applicable. The user […]

Practical Data Analysis | K-means Algorithm – Analysis of Protein Consumption Characteristics

Table of Contents 1. Data and analysis objects 2. Purpose and analysis tasks 3. Methods and Tools 4. Data reading 5. Data understanding 6. Data preparation 7. Model training ?Edit 8. Model evaluation 9. Model tuning participates in prediction 1. Data and analysis objects txt file – “protein.txt”, mainly records 9 attributes of 25 countries. […]

C# HTTP breakpoint resume download

In IIS, the file corresponding to the disk path can be downloaded directly, while native IIS does not require additional configuration to resume the download. The file download address used in Xiaozhu’s project does not correspond to the file address of the disk path. Instead, it is necessary to verify whether the user has permission […]

A comprehensive summary of new string manipulation methods in JS+ES6, a total of forty-seven methods

Let me introduce to you how to operate strings. Most of what you know and don’t know is here! The classification may be a little wrong, please forgive me! Added 1.concat() Splicing strings can concatenate two or more strings let str = “hello” let str1 = “str” console.log(“hello”.concat(str1)) //hello str console.log(str.concat(str1)) //hello str 2.padStart(total length, […]

Teach you step by step how to implement the producer-consumer model

?Yin’s Blog | Yin’s Blog (, welcome to my blog to read. This article will introduce you to the definition, characteristics, and processes of the producer-consumer model, and take you step by step to implement the producer-consumer model. 1. Introduction The producer-consumer pattern is a concurrency design pattern used to solve the collaboration and data […]

KafkaConsumer consumption logic

Version: kafka-clients-2.0.1.jar Previously, I wanted to write a plug-in to modify the logic of the kafkaConsumer consumer and filter some messages based on headers. Therefore, we need to understand how kafkaConsumer pulls out consumption messages, and confirm whether filtering out messages before consumption will have any impact. The following is the relevant source code, explained […]