uniapp knowledge summary

Directory 1. What is UniApp? 2. What are the characteristics and advantages of UniApp? 3. What is the operating principle of UniApp? 4. What is the directory structure of UniApp? 5. How to realize cross-terminal development in UniApp? 6. How to develop pages in UniApp? 7. How to use third-party UI components in UniApp? 8. […]

Flink consumes kafka and reports akka.pattern.AskTimeoutException: Ask timed out on [Actor[akka.tcp://flink@xxx]]after x

Article directory background: Phenomena and Analysis solution Summarize: expand refer to Background: Recently, the company where the author works is researching and using flink, because the company only has the author as a big data developer. The author is fortunate to lead this research, but we are also newbies, and we will share some pitfalls […]

Prompt Engineering | Text summary prompt

Text summary is to extract key information from a large paragraph of text and make a summary. LLM has demonstrated a strong level of text summarization. Article directory 1. Example of a single text summary prompt 1.1. Limit the output text length 1.2. Focus on key angles 1.3. Key information extraction 2. Multiple text summary […]

RocketMQ consumer operating principle, Consumer cluster consumption, broadcast consumption

Station B https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1zm4y1872b Online learning documents https://d9bp4nr5ye.feishu.cn/wiki/wikcnqTsEVMD74nV9W6IsmVHuxe Last time we took a look at the consumption process of RocketMQ Consumer as a whole. RocketMQ Consumer, the analysis of consumer consumption principles, and today we will focus on how Consumers perform cluster consumption and broadcast consumption. Conclusion first When consumers register, they have informed the server […]

Opencv C++ image processing: matrix Mat + random number RNG + calculation time-consuming + mouse events

Article directory 1. C++ data type + number of bytes + value range 2. Mat object: n-dimensional single/multi-channel dense matrix 2.1. Create Mat matrix 2.2. Get pixel 1: img.at(y,x) 2.3. Get pixel 2 (to prevent color overflow): saturate_cast(y,x) 2.4 Common properties of Mat matrix 3. Basic data types 3.1, Point class: cv::Point() 3.2, Scalar class: […]

BUAA_OO Unit 3 Summary

OO Unit 3 Summary The training goal of the third unit of OO is normalized program design. In short, the course team first used JML (Java Modeling Language) instead of natural language to describe the requirements, and then I strictly followed the various conditions and side effects requirements of the specification, in the On this […]