[Operating system principle]–Thread synchronization

Directory of series articles [Operating system principle]–Process management [Operating System Principle]–Process Scheduling [Operating system principle]–Thread synchronization [Operating system principle]–Semaphore and PV operation implementation [Operating system principle]–Linux memory management [Operating system principle]–File system programming Thread synchronization Table of Contents of Series Articles Experiment related knowledge 1. Processes and threads 2. Thread synchronization 3.Multi-threading 4. Thread related […]

<1>, C++ implements multi-thread synchronization processing: controlling the output sequence of ABC, outputting 10 groups, mutex+condition_variable

Table of Contents need: analyze: Some code implementation: 1. Operations implemented using only flag bits: 2. For greater security, the mutex lock code is added: 3. Use it with unique_lock to make the code safer Four: Use guard lock lock_guard to work with it 5. You can also use condition variables to process, which will […]

Synchronization experiment of operating system processes

1. Experimental purpose (1) Master the basic concepts and properties of processes and threads; (2) Implement multi-threaded ticketing: simulate multiple ticketing windows (there are 2 windows here), and each window can sell tickets at the same time. Through multi-threading, ticketing operations can be performed concurrently to ensure thread safety; (3) Provide user interface: Create a […]

Synchronization Quest: Understanding the differences and applications of System V and POSIX semaphores

Directory title 1. Introduction 1.1 Overview of the importance of semaphores 1.2 Purpose of this article: Compare System V and POSIX semaphores 2. Basics of Semaphores 2.1 Definition and Function of Semaphores 2.2 The role of semaphores in process synchronization (Role in Process Synchronization) Synchronization and Mutual Exclusion The similarity between the psychology of semaphores […]

Cache synchronization of multi-level cache

There are three common ways to synchronize cache data: Set validity period: Set the validity period for the cache, and it will be automatically deleted after expiration. Update when querying again Advantages: simple and convenient Disadvantages: poor timeliness, cache may be inconsistent before expiration Scenario: Business with low update frequency and low timeliness requirements Synchronous […]

[JUC] 1. synchronized keyword and Lock interface

Article directory 1. JUC 2. Processes and threads 3. Concurrency and parallelism 4. User thread and daemon thread 5. Object locks and class locks 6. Synchronized keyword 7. synchronized case 8. Lock interface 1.JUC JUC, the java.util.concurrent toolkit for processing threads, started with JDK1.5, and has three packages: Basic package Atomic package Lock bag 2. […]

Refactor Android asynchronous code using promises

Author: Wushan Old Demon Background Writing Android asynchronous tasks in business has always been a challenge. The previous callback and thread management methods were complex and cumbersome, making the code difficult to maintain and read. JavaScript actually faces the same problem in the front-end field, and Promise is one of its more mainstream solutions. Before […]

Explore synchronous and asynchronous, Ajax, callback functions, Promise

Table of Contents 1. Introduction to Ajax 1. The concept of asynchronous and synchronized 2. Why is it said that synchronous requests will “reload the entire page”, while asynchronous requests “will only load part of the page”. What does this mean? 3. Functions and advantages of Ajax Function Advantage 4.Why is Ajax called asynchronous javascript […]

Use cdc technology to synchronize data in real time (canal) – monitor local data and synchronize data to the cloud database through MQ

Use cdc technology to synchronize data in real time (canal) – monitor local data and synchronize data to the cloud database through MQ 1. Download the canal package and modify the configuration file conf -> instance.properties under example canal.instance.master.address= Change the connection database path canal.instance.dbUsername=root user account to connect to the database canal.instance.dbPassword=123456 User password […]