[python] Django–templates, static files, django template syntax, requests and responses

The notes are study notes compiled by myself. If there are any mistakes, please point them out~ [Django column] Django–Introduction to Django, installation of Django, creating projects, and getting started quickly Django – templates, static files, django template syntax, requests and responses Django – connect to mysql database Django–templates, static files, django template syntax, requests […]

vue3’s composition API advanced syntax

Life cycle In [options API], life cycle hooks are options exposed on the vue instance. We only need to call and use them. In [composition API], we need to import the life cycle hook into the project before it can be used. Pay attention to format changes <script> import { onMounted } from ‘vue’; export […]

Unity shader syntax

Previous article: TA Shader basics shader syntax ShaderLab+CG Unity defines commonly used vertex-based data boxes The default data of the following boxes is as follows, which can be flexibly changed by yourself and loaded with any data type (float, float2, float3, float4): POSITION: location NORMAL: normal TANGENT: tangent TEXCOORD0: texture coordinates TEXCOORD(n): Define the content […]

Embedded development plan-50—-ARM–Related syntax of ARM assembly language–ARM assembly instructions

One hundred and twenty-five, related syntax of ARM assembly language 125.1 Contents in the assembly file 1. Pseudo operation: It does not occupy storage space in the assembly program, but it can play a guiding and identifying role when the program is compiled. .text .global .glbal .if .else .endif .data .word…. 2. Assembly instructions: Each […]

Java syntax: inheritance and polymorphism

Introduction: In Java, inheritance and polymorphism are two important concepts of object-oriented programming that allow us to create more flexible and extensible code. This article mainly introduces and explains the syntax and some details of inheritance and polymorphism. Table of Contents preface: text: 1. Inheritance 1. Basic grammar 2. Characteristics of inheritance 3. Access member […]

The syntax difference between Vue2 and Vue3

1. Create Vue2 project —Use @vue/cli scaffolding to quickly create projects (packaging method webpack) —Vetur plug-in (VS code) >>>npm create project name —npm run serve project startup command The project structure is as follows Vue2The basic page numberStructure is as follows HTML-js-CSS <template> <div id=”app”> <span>This is a vue2 page</span><br/> <span>Age is {<!– –>{age}} years […]

yml configuration file syntax-interceptor-request parameter verification

1.ymlConfiguration file syntax 1. Configure custom data 1.1 Configure common data Syntax: key: value name: kaifamiao 1.2 Configuration object data Grammar 1: key: ? key1: value1; ? key2: value2; person: name: zhangsan age: 19 Grammar 2: key: {key1: value1,key: value2} person1: {<!– –>name: lisi,age: 21} 1.3 Configure Mapdata Same configuration object data 1.4 Configuration array […]

An overview of NLP syntax analysis: from theory to practical interpretation of PyTorch

This article comprehensively explores the theory and practice of syntactic analysis in natural language processing (NLP). From the definitions of syntax and grammar to various syntactic theories and methods, the article analyzes the multiple dimensions of syntactic analysis in detail. Finally, through practical demonstrations of PyTorch, we show how to apply these theories to specific […]

Continuous delivery-Jenkinsfile syntax

The scripting language that implements the Pipeline function is called Jenkinsfile, which is implemented by the Groovy language. The Jenkinsfile is generally placed in the project root directory and is controlled by the source code management software along with the project. There is no need to copy many settings to a new project each time […]