Detailed explanation of java HashMap source code

Article directory Detailed explanation of java HashMap source code HashMap source code 1 put method process 2 expansion 3 get method Detailed explanation of java HashMap source code Java HashMap is an implementation of the Map interface based on a hash table, which can store a data structure of key-value pairs. The characteristics of HashMap […]

[PG] PostgreSQL high availability solution repmgr deployment (very detailed)

Table of Contents Introduction 1 Overview 1.1 Terminology 1.2 Components 1.2.1 repmgr 1.2.2 repmgrd 1.3 Repmgr users and metadata 2 Installation and deployment 2.0 Deployment environment 2.1 Installation requirements 2.1.1 Operating system 2.1.2 PostgreSQL version 2.1.3 Operating system users 2.1.4 Installation location 2.1.5 Version requirements 2.2 Installation 2.2.1 Software package installation 2.2.2 Source code compilation […]

Super detailed! A must-see for newbies! STM32–EXTI external interrupt

1. What is an external interrupt? External interrupts are interrupts triggered by external events on pins external to the microprocessor or microcontroller, usually GPIO pins. These external events can be triggers from external devices, sensors, or other external sources. 2. Details of external interrupt The registers managed by the AFIO clock include AFIO_EVCR (time control […]

“Reveal the secret! Eat it everywhere with one trick, and easily obtain product details through the Shopee API interface.”

To use the Shopee API interface to obtain product details based on product ID, you need to perform the following steps: Obtain API credentials: Obtain your API credentials (access token) on the Shopee open platform or API documentation page. Build requests: Build API requests using your favorite programming language (such as Python, Java, PHP, etc.). […]

SpringBoot integrates Ldap–super detailed method explanation

LADP Overview LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) is a protocol for accessing and maintaining distributed directory information services. Directory service is a service for storing and retrieving information. It is usually used to store user information, organizational structure, network equipment and other data within an organization. LDAP is a lightweight protocol designed for lookup and […]

C detailed string functions

But on the road ahead, don’t ask about your return date It should be noted that to use the functions mentioned below, you must include the header file Article directory strlen strcpy strncpy strcat strncat strcmp strncmp strstr strtok strerror String case conversion strupr strlwr memcpy memmove memcmp strlen Find the length of a string […]

VSCode runs c++ program (operation + detailed explanation + json file configuration detailed explanation)

Preface: Because the quality of online tutorials varies, I felt very confused when I first came into contact with this thing. I hereby write this blog to help my friends solve the problem. Table of Contents 1. Operation details 1Download VSCode code editor 2Install C/C++ extension 3Install the MinGW-w64 compiler 4Add path 5 Test whether […]

Ubuntu vscode detailed installation and cmake configuration, git push and pull, shortcuts

Ubuntu vscode installation and cmake configuration detailed operations Install vscode Solution to the slow or failed download of VSCode official website_vscode cannot be downloaded_Who knows this kid’s blog-CSDN blog 1. The official website may fail to download due to network problems. You can use the above method to download 2. First go to the […]

[Array method reduce] Details of reduce and simulation rewriting of other array extension methods

Learn key phrases: Array.reduce Array.prototype.reduce reduce method Override reduce method 1. Write in front Many students (referring to myself) have no difficulty in learning other array expansion methods, but when it comes to the reduce method, they will appear stupid, so today I will quickly explain this method clearly. In fact, all array expansion methods […]