Realize browser positioning through Gaode map API [and improve positioning accuracy and obtain detailed location information]

Directory I. Introduction: 2. Text: 1. Register the developer of Gaode map and create an application 2. Develop with the help of official examples 3. Modify the official development example 4. Obtain detailed location information 5. Detailed code 3. Ending: Xiao Zhou has not been in contact with programming for a long time, and he […]

Python plays .reanim animation (3: performance optimization and other details)

Article directory Fix performance issues resource manager See the code here. Use python -m anp to open a .reanim animation player. Almost all animations can be played after all assets are loaded (which takes a little longer). Play simple animations without loading resources. Fix performance issues In the previous two articles, we have completed a […]

COCO-Annotator installation and use [very detailed]

COCO-Annotator installation and use 1. Required environment Docker needs to be installed before installing COCO-Annotator. If necessary, you can refer to this article: Install docker under Windows 2. Install Enter cmd in the directory to be installed input the command git clone cd command to enter the folder cd coco-annotator open docker Enter the […]

Python lightweight serialization and deserialization package marshmallow detailed usage guide 3

Marshmallow Official documentation: Marshmallow, Chinese translation: cotton candy. It is a lightweight data format conversion module, also called serialization and deserialization module, which is often used to convert between complex orm model objects and python native data types. Marshmallow provides rich API functions. as follows: Serializing Serialization [can convert data objects into storable or […]

Element table secondary packaging is super detailed with code (attached form slot, header slot, single choice and multiple choice, automatic selection according to data)

Recently, I have been working in the background management system, and the search and form are used a lot. Based on the secondary packaging of the element table, it is as follows first picture parent component <div class=”content_main”> <div class=”search_card”> <wpform style=”margin-top:20px” :objForm=”objForm” :formData=”formData” @searchSubmit=”searchSubmit(val)” ></wpform> </div> <div class=”tableContent”> <wp_table ref=”mytable” :tableData=”pendingReviewdata” @rowClick=”rowClick” :headerColumns=”pendingReviewHeader” :sendHeight=”sendHeight”> […]

Detailed documentation for using docker to build a SpringCloud environment

Table of Contents 1. Introduction 2. Preparation 3. Create a Docker Compose file Fourth, create a Spring Cloud project 5. Build and run Spring Cloud applications Six, detailed explanation 1. Docker Compose file 2. Spring Cloud project configuration 3. Build and run the application 4. Precautions 7. Summary 1. Introduction Spring Cloud is a microservice […]

JavaWeb10 (realize settlement & view order & order details)

Directory 1. Effect preview 2. Implementation ideas 2.1 Realize settlement ① Form an order and assign a value ② Insert the order into the data table tb_order, and at the same time insert the order item corresponding to the order into the data table tb_orderitem 2.2 View my order ① The underlying code ② Front-end […]

How to ensure data consistency in the seckill scenario? I have given the most detailed plan on this issue

What is a Lightning Deal? Literally understood, the so-called spike is a high-concurrency scenario where a large number of requests flood in in a very short period of time, and problems such as service crashes or data inconsistencies are prone to occur when improperly handled. Common seckill scenarios include Taobao Double Eleven, online car-hailing drivers […]

Java multithreading (super detailed)

Java multithreading Multitasking There are two types of multitasking: process based A process is a “self-contained” running program. It is directly managed and run by the operating system. It has its own address space. Each process will consume memory when it is started. The process-based feature allows the computer to run multiple programs at the […]