Android drag and drop startDragAndDrop drag and drop Glide to flexibly load stacked rounded corners, Kotlin (6)

Android drag and drop startDragAndDrop drag and drop Glide to flexibly load stacked rounded corners, Kotlin (6) Android drag and drop startDragAndDrop drag and drop Glide to load stacked rounded corners, Kotlin (5) – CSDN blog article has been read 1.3k times. Android DynamicGrid: Drag to swap positions. Android DynamicGrid is a third-party open source […]

HackTheBox-Starting Point–Tier 2—Vaccine

Article directory 1 Vaccine testing process 1.1 Management 1.1.1 FTP anonymous login 1.1.2 SQL injection 1.2 Privilege Elevation 2 Topics One Vaccine testing process 1.1 Management 1. Port scan nmap -sV -sC 1.1.1 FTP anonymous login 2.FTP allows anonymous login and found ftp Unzip, but a password is required: 3. Use […]

Decompress zip, tar, rar, 7z, extract pictures in tif, pdf

1. Decompression interface public interface Decompress { //curFilePreDir, if the compressed package in the compressed package has the same name as the outer folder or file, problems will occur. Adding the directory prefix of the upper layer can avoid it. public<MulpartFile> decompress(File file, String curFilePredir); } 2. The decompression class implements the Decompress interface public […]

WIndows’ CMD\PowerShell command line startup program runs a nohup command similar to Linux system in the background.

There is no command similar to nohup under windows, but you can use other commands to achieve this function. 1. Explanation of commands used: 1. Start-Process: Start one or more processes on the local computer. Related introduction links: Start-Process (Microsoft.PowerShell.Management) | Microsoft Learn? Mainly used parameters 1.1, -WindowStyle Specifies the state of the window used […]

Starting from single testing, improve the underlying API effect function in the Vue3 source code

Based on the effect method implemented in the previous article, based on the single test in the Vue3 source code, three functions of this method are improved, namely: runner: effect can return a self-executing parameter runner function scheduler: effect supports adding the scheduler function in the second parameter option stop: effect Adds stop function runner […]

Summary of all aspects of getting started with SpringCloud Alibaba components (Part 1): registration center-nacos, load balancing-ribbon, remote calling-feign

Article directory Nacos Ribbon Feign FeignExpansion Nacos Concept: Nacos is a new open source project launched by Alibaba. It is a dynamic service discovery, configuration management and service management platform that makes it easier to build cloud native applications. Nacos is committed to helping users discover, configure and manage microservices. It provides a simple and […]

Pyqt5 dynamic startup interface

This article will introduce a Python program built using the PyQt5 library, which is mainly used to display the startup interface, connect to services in the background, and display the connection status. The program includes a startup interface, background data loading worker thread, and main interface. It achieves a smooth user experience by using the […]

SpringBoot application starts org.apache.catalina.LifecycleException

Table of Contents SpringBoot application starts org.apache.catalina.LifecycleException Problem Description Cause Analysis Solution 1. Check the resources that the application depends on 2. Check application configuration 3. Check port occupancy 4. Check dependent component version compatibility 5. Check the log files Application scenario example: org.apache.catalina.LifecycleExceptionexception caused by database connection exception SpringBoot application starts org.apache.catalina.LifecycleException When developing […]

Android performance optimization – startup optimization improved by 60%

Application startup speed The startup speed of an application can affect the user’s first experience. An application with a slow startup speed (perceptually) may cause the user to decrease the intention to open the app again, or uninstall and abandon the application. This article will optimize the application startup speed from two directions: 1. Visual […]

Starting from docker v0.1.0

Starting from docker v0.1.0 Overview of this article This article tells the author’s mental journey in the process of learning docker. I first got to know docker from the overall framework of docker, then started reading the v0.1.0 version of the docker source code, and then followed the tutorial to implement a mini docker using […]