UE5.1.1C++ starts from 0 (10. Homework 3)

The amount of homework this time may be a bit larger than the previous ones. Let me sort out the homework list for this time: The flying sound of magic bullets and the sound of explosion Adds a shiny effect to the player when hit, the same kind as the cube Add a health max […]

[C++ Elementary] Friends of Classes and Objects (Part 2) + Inner Classes + Anonymous Objects

Personal homepage: @Weraphael ? About the author: Currently learning C++ and algorithms Column: C++ Airway I hope you will support us a lot, and we will make progress together! If the article is helpful to you Welcome to comment Like Favorite Add concern? Table of Contents 1. Friends 1.1 Friend functions 1.11 Friend function features […]

C# or wpf or MFC ComboBox.OnSelectionChanged(SelectionChangedEventArgs) Get the changed value, don’t get it directly. Another pit

WPF version C# using FT_Tools; using MSFramework. Common; using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System. ComponentModel; using System. Linq; using System. Text; using System. Threading. Tasks; using System. Windows; using System. Windows. Controls; using System. Windows. Data; using System. Windows. Documents; using System. Windows. Input; using System.Windows.Media; using System.Windows.Media.Imaging; using System. Windows. Shapes; using WpfM20UpdateFW; namespace […]

[Multithreading Elementary] Analyzing the lock object in synchronized

lock object Several common situations Summarize Lock object Let’s first look at how objects are defined in Java. In the Java virtual machine, the structure of objects in memory can be divided into four parts: markword Type pointer (_class) Instance data (instance_data) Align padding Among them, the first two are in the object header, the […]

Two-wheel pan-tilt trolley realizes the function of tracking color targets

1. Function Description Install a camera on the R216a prototype. The example in this article will realize the function of the two-wheeled car autonomously looking for the color target through the two-degree-of-freedom platform. 2. Structure Description The R216a prototype is mainly composed of a two-wheel trolley and a 2-degree-of-freedom head . 3. Electronic hardware In […]

678. [Database Evaluation] Cloudwave 4.0 Cluster Edition (2 Nodes) VS Starrocks 3.0 Cluster Edition (2 Nodes)

1. Test results Test conclusion 1: A 2-node cluster composed of two 64-core 256g Alibaba Cloud servers, hadoop3.2.2 as distributed storage, Cloudwave4.0 under the SSB30g international standard test set, the overall performance is nearly 0.4 times better than Starrocks3.0 . Database Dataset Response time (ms) Maximum CPU usage Storage compression ratio Data import time Cloudwave4.0 […]

EC11 Rotary Encoder Program Interpretation

Directory foreword Principle of EC11 Rotary Encoder Encoder button press handler Encoder key analysis processing program There are deficiencies in the code and some improvements of its own EC11.c EC11.h Preface When I was learning the EC11 rotary encoder recently, I saw two high-quality articles (1, 2). You can read them first. The code written […]