Several ways to implement timing tasks in SpringBoot

Timing tasks are also very important in our project development. For some scenarios, timing tasks must be used, such as sending emails regularly, timing statistics, etc. This article mainly talks about several ways to implement timing tasks in projects. 1. Annotation-based This method is very simple, the main thing is to first enable the scheduled […]

Running 1 million concurrent tasks, how much memory is required for each language

By: Piotr Ko?aczkowski, DataStax Corporation (a database system developer in the United States) See the original text: In this blog post, we explore memory consumption comparisons in popular languages like Rust, Go, Java, C#, Python, Node.js, and Elixir when dealing with a large number of network connections. Not long ago, I encountered a concurrency […]

Celery-4.1 User Guide: Routing Tasks

Notice: Routing concepts like topics and fanout are not available for all transports, see the Transport Comparison Table. Basics auto-routing The easiest way to route is to use the task_create_missing_queues setting (enabled by default). With this setting, a named queue not yet defined in task_queues will be created automatically. This makes doing simple routing tasks […]

Add temporary tasks to process instances in flowable

Add temporary tasks to process instances in flowable background logic specific code contact author Background In flowable-ui, the process definition can be composed by means of front-end drawing, but in actual requirements, there may be cases where it is necessary to temporarily add tasks to the process instance without changing the original process definition. In […]

Rely on quartz to make a reliable timing task system

Preface Not long ago, I changed a quartz single-point system to a system with multiple nodes. The solution used is also the solution of quartz scheduler (mysql), because it is really simple and easy to use. This article mainly records some function realization and pitfalls. The focus is on talking about Talk about how to […]

Spring Boot timing task dynamic management general solution

Programmer Zhuifeng 2023-05-20 22:00 Published in Hunan Included in the collection #Spring Boot18 The blue “programmer chasing the wind” above, select “set as star” Reply to “Information” to get organized interview information original: 1. Function description The enhanced tool for SpringBoot’s timing tasks realizes the dynamic management of SpringBoot’s native timing tasks, fully compatible […]

C# thread, thread pool, Task concept + code practice

Reposted from: JerryMouseLi Preface There are many concepts in threads. If there is no code example to understand, it will be relatively obscure, and some concepts will not be implemented. Therefore, this article uses some sample codes to run and explain some basic concepts in threads. Let yourself and the reader understand the concepts […]