FlinkTransformation operator

After the data source reads the data, we can use various conversion operators to convert one or more DataStreams into new DataStreams. After the data source enters, we can convert the data source into the data format we need according to a series of transformation operators, and then output it. Basic conversion operators (map/ filter/ […]

SpringCloud GateWay custom filter GatewayFilter and AbstractGatewayFactory

1. GatewayFilter GatewayFilter is a simple interface used to define the behavior of a gateway filter. A gateway filter is a class that implements the GatewayFilter interface and can perform certain operations when a request enters the gateway or when a response leaves the gateway. Filters can be used to modify requests or responses, log, […]

3.2 Linux Vim editor

vi is a powerful full-screen text editing tool that has always been the default document editor for UNIX-like operating systems. vim is an enhanced version of the vi text editor, which extends many practical functions based on the vi editor. Enter “Vim file name”: if the file exists, Vim will open the file; if the […]

Linux: Use of vim editor

Table of Contents 1. What is vim editor? Basic concepts of vim 2. Basic operations of vim 3. vim normal mode command set 4. Vim end line mode command set 5. Vim configuration 1. What is vim editor? Vim is a widely used text editor on Linux systems. It has powerful functions and a high […]

93. Restore IP Addresses 78. Subsets 90. Subsets II

93. Restore IP Addresses A valid IP address consists of exactly four integers separated by single dots. Each integer is between 0 and 255 (inclusive) and cannot have leading zeros. For example, “” and “” are valid IP addresses, but “”, “” and “[email protected]” are invalid IP addresses. Given a string s containing only digits, […]

Pytorch model use, modification, saving and loading

This article introduces the use, modification, saving and loading of Pytorch models. Taking torchvision in image processing as an example, PyTorch provides more pre-trained models through the torchvision.models module. Article directory Use and modification of network models VGG16 model use VGG16 model modification Saving and reading network models Save the model Loading the network model […]

Falling in love with C language: storage of integers and floating point types in memory (base conversion, original code, complement, complement and big and small endian)

Author: Ah Hui is extraordinary What do you think: Life is dull, but running is windy Column: Falling in love with C language Drawing tool: draw.io(Free and open source drawing website) If you think the article is helpful to you, please like, follow, and collect to support the blogger. If there are any deficiencies, please […]

jsp+servlet campus forum campus bbs (administrator, user) based on javaweb+mysql (java+jsp+servlet+mysql)

jsp + servlet campus forum campus bbs (administrator, user) based on javaweb + mysql (java + jsp + servlet + mysql) Private message Source code acquisition and debugging communication Operating environment Java≥8, MySQL≥5.7, Tomcat≥8 development tools eclipse/idea/myeclipse/sts, etc. can be configured to run Be applicable Course design, major assignments, graduation projects, project exercises, learning demonstrations, […]

AssetManager resource management and release of cocosCreator

Version: 3.4.0 Language: TypeScript Environment: Mac Review There are two previous blogs that explain: cocosCreator’s resources dynamic loading and preloading tells about static reference resources, dynamic loading and preloading. cocosCreator’s Bundle talks about the use of AssetManager’s built-in Bundles and custom Bundles The simple understanding is related to the use of static and dynamic reference […]