Braft Editor backfill issue, misplaced mouse

After backfilling, enter 1234 and it becomes 4321 react HOOK # install with npm npm install craft-editor –save # install using yarn yarn add craft-editor import React from ‘react’; import BraftEditor from ‘braft-editor’; import ‘braft-editor/dist/index.css’; { const [contentData, setContentData] = useState<string>(null); const handleChange = (editorState: { isEmpty: () => any; toHTML: () => React. SetStateAction<string>; […]

Java realizes real-time monitoring of MySQL database changes MySQLBinListener

Directory 1. Export the required classes and interfaces 2. Define the MySQLBinlogListener class 3. Private method to start the reconnection timer 4. Complete code Write a listener for real-time changes to the MySQL database. Why write this listener: In order to monitor and respond to change events in the MySQL database in real time Real-time […]

COCO-Annotator installation and use [very detailed]

COCO-Annotator installation and use 1. Required environment Docker needs to be installed before installing COCO-Annotator. If necessary, you can refer to this article: Install docker under Windows 2. Install Enter cmd in the directory to be installed input the command git clone cd command to enter the folder cd coco-annotator open docker Enter the […]

Generator functions and yield in JavaScript

This article has participated in the “Newcomer Creation Ceremony” activity, and together we will start the road to gold nugget creation. Generator functions and yield statements A generator function is a special type of function in JavaScript that produces multiple values incrementally, rather than returning all the results at once. Unlike ordinary functions, generator functions […]

<C++> reverse iterator

The adaptation of the reverse iterator is only used for the two-way iterator. For the one-way iterator implemented by the singly linked list, a reverse iterator cannot be constructed through adaptation. Why do we say the reverse iterator adapter? Because we only need to implement a reverse iterator template to implement its reverse iterators in […]

jquery selector(2)

1. Introduction to jQuery Selector ? In program development, whether it is manipulating the DOM or adding events to elements, it is necessary to obtain the specified element first. To this end, jQuery provides selectors, through which elements can be obtained and manipulated. 1.1 What is a jQuery selector ? The method of obtaining elements […]

C++ string class iterator range for

string class In the C language, there are also strings, which are a collection of some characters ending with ” \0 “. In the C standard library, there are also some library functions for manipulating the str type. However, the functions of these functions It is not very comprehensive, and these operation functions are separated […]

springboot integrates Redis to save commodity and commodity inventory information

1. Add dependencies and configuration <dependency> <groupId>org.springframework.boot</groupId> <artifactId>spring-boot-starter-data-redis</artifactId> </dependency> Add the following configuration in application.yaml: spring: redis: # address host: localhost # port, default is 6379 port: 6379 # password password: # Connection timeout timeout: 10s lettuce: pool: # The minimum idle connection in the connection pool min-idle: 0 # The maximum idle connection in […]

Confusing loss function and activation function in Pytorch [softmax, log_softmax, NLLLoss, CrossEntropy]

Article directory definition activation function softmax T-softmax log_softmax loss function NLL Loss CrossEntropy cross entropy Definition softmax: maps a sequence of values to a probability space (each element is distributed and all sums are 1) log_softmax: Take the logarithm on the basis of softmax NLLLoss: Calculate log_softmax and one-hot CrossEntropy: Measures the difference between two […]

Python Async: Async Iterators (15)

Move your little hand to make a fortune, give it a thumbs up! Iteration is a fundamental operation in Python. We can iterate over lists, strings, and all other structures. Asyncio allows us to develop asynchronous iterators. We can create and use asynchronous iterators in asyncio programs by defining an object that implements the aiter() […]