[Code Caprice] Backtracking Topic 1 (Python)

Article directory 1. Combination 2. Combined Sum III 3. Alphabet combination of phone number 4. Combined sum 5. Combined Sum II 6. Split palindrome string 6. Restoring the IP address 7. Subset 1. Combination 77. Combination recursion + pruning class Solution: def combine(self, n: int, k: int) -> List[List[int]]: result = [] path = [] […]

Bounding Box Regression Strategies in OSTrack

Directory 1. Crop and label settings 2. Bounding box regression of the model’s predicted output 1. Crop and label settings 1. Add offset to get the offset bounding box jittered_anno = [self._get_jittered_box(a, s) for a in data[s + ‘_anno’]] 2. Use the offset bounding box as the center to crop First offset the of the […]

Two-wheel pan-tilt trolley realizes the function of tracking color targets

1. Function Description Install a camera on the R216a prototype. The example in this article will realize the function of the two-wheeled car autonomously looking for the color target through the two-degree-of-freedom platform. 2. Structure Description The R216a prototype is mainly composed of a two-wheel trolley and a 2-degree-of-freedom head . 3. Electronic hardware In […]

The big big model deployment plan throws bricks to attract jade

Author | Oldpan Editor | oldpan Blog Click the card below to follow the “Automatic Driving Heart” public account ADAS Jumbo dry goods, you can get it Click to enter→The Heart of Autopilot【Model Deployment】Technical Exchange Group Let me briefly talk about Large Model Deployment Scheme by means of hot spots. As an algorithm engineer who […]

Vue route track playback and aggregation function realization

Vue route trajectory playback and aggregation function implementation Gitee address https://gitee.com/suixishix/leaflet-map.git Vue downloads leaflet and leaflet.animatedmarker plugin npm install leaflet npm i -save leaflet.animatedmarker Introduction, in project main.js //Import leaflet css js import ‘leaflet/dist/leaflet.css’ import * as L from ‘leaflet’ //Mount Vue.L Vue.L = Vue.prototype.$L = L Introduce leaflet.animatedmarker on the page that needs to […]

Use of trace tool in MySQL

Trace is a SQL tracing tool provided after MySQL5.6. By using trace, we can understand how the optimizer (optimizer) chooses the execution plan. Note: Turning on the trace tool will affect the performance of mysql, so it is only suitable for temporary analysis of sql, please close it immediately after use. Syntax: — 1. Open […]

AbstractStringBuilder source code

Introduction The abstract class AbstractStringBuilder is the direct parent class of StringBuilder and StringBuffer, and defines many methods, so it is recommended to learn the AbstractStringBuilder abstract class before learning these two classes This class is annotated in the source code to exist as the parent class of the first two classes starting from JDK1.5 […]

ARM Cortex-M stack structure and backtracking

1. Overview Recently, I am studying the stack structure and stack backtracking of ARM Cortex-M series microcontrollers. What is the use of studying this? There are the following aspects: An in-depth understanding of processor instructions, the principles of program operation, etc., is helpful to the improvement of programming skills. When there is a problem with […]

Microservice framework TraceId scheme

Microservice framework TraceId scheme 1. Background and purpose 2. MDC Mechanism 3. TraceId scheme under dubbo framework 3.1 A user requests link tracking 3.1.1 web layer 3.1.2 RPC call layer 3.2 Thread pool 3.3 Others 1. Background and purpose In the project, as the business of the project becomes more and more complex, and the […]