When I tried to migrate the old project Webpack to Vite, I found that it was not so fragrant.

If you are interested in front-end eight-part essays, you can pay attention to the Gongzhong account: Code Farmer Supply Station, there is always the useful information you want. Background Recently, I made a collection of pain points and optimizable items in the front-end development process. Among them, the words “time-consuming to build and slow project […]

es hybrid retrieval and langchain retrieval enhancement

Langchain Retriever MultiQueryRetriever uses llm to generate three questions with similar meanings for the question, retrieves related documents based on the three questions and returns them all. MultiVectorRetriever, when the same document has multiple records in the vector library because different vectors are stored, deduplication is performed through id. The code implementation is very simple. […]

HiGlass docker image service is set up in ubuntu (18.04), and mcool, bedpe, and wig format files have been tried

Foreword Software used docker documentation: https://www.docker.com/ HiGlass documentation: http://docs.higlass.io/higlass_docker.html#running-locally higlass-docker address: https://github.com/higlass/higlass-docker nginx documentation: https://www.cnginx.com/ docker installation steps #Uninstall old version sudo apt-get remove docker docker-engine docker-ce docker.io #Update index package sudo apt-get update #Install apt dependency package, used to obtain the warehouse through HTTPS sudo apt-get install -y apt-transport-https ca-certificates curl software-properties-common #Add Docker […]

Document retrieval practice based on vector database

Recommended: Use NSDT editor to quickly build programmable 3D scenes For the past six months, I’ve been working at Series A startup Voxel51, creators of the open source computer vision toolkit FiftyOne. As a machine learning engineer and developer evangelist, my job is to listen to our open source community and give them what they […]

In-depth analysis of MacBook Pro configuration guides carefully selected by Maotouhu for different industries: How to accurately select MacBook Pro configurations according to industry needs – Comprehensive comparison of M1, M2, and M3 series

Blogger Maotouhu takes you Go to New World.? Blog home page – Maotouhu’s blog “Complete Column of Interview Questions” The article is rich in pictures and textsVivid imagesEasy to learn! Everyone is welcome to step in~ “IDEA Development Cheats Column” Learn the common operations of IDEA and double your work efficiency~ “Master Golang in 100 […]

[news retrieval system: news retrieval based on pysolr]

This article first preprocesses the corpus in the ten categories of news text corpus, and then loads the preprocessed corpus into solr through the pysolr interface, and implements general retrieval functions through solr. (Here you need to configure the solr service first and start it) dataProcessing.py This part implements different regularized matching of news titles […]

python_pandas retrieve pictures from a certain column in excel, download them online and save them locally

code show as below: import requests # Essential for crawlers import time # Limit crawler speed import os #Create a new specified storage folder import pandas as pd #Read EXCEL file import re #re is the regular expression module import time importsys from tqdm import tqdm import json import requests import openpyxl from openpyxl import […]

Elasticsearch: RAG using Open AI and Langchain – Retrieval Augmented Generation (3)

This follows the previous article: Elasticsearch: RAG using Open AI and Langchain – Retrieval Augmented Generation (1) Elasticsearch: RAG using Open AI and Langchain – Retrieval Augmented Generation (2) ’s continuation. In today’s article, I’ll detail how to use ElasticsearchStore. This is also the recommended usage. If you haven’t set up your environment yet, please […]