Netty calls System.exit(n) to exit the application after a certain number of retries (2)

============================== System.exit() method ================= ============== Prototype: System.exit(int status) Its function is mainly to call Runtime.getRuntime().exit(status); The function is to terminate the currently running Java virtual machine. This status indicates the exit status code, and non-zero indicates abnormal termination. (You can return a call return code to the caller of other processes to adopt different strategies […]

Frontier heavy weapon[33] | Tried a simple prompt

Frontier heavy weapon The column is mainly to share with you the papers and sharing of various major manufacturers and top conferences, extract the key essence from them and share them with you, and grasp the cutting-edge technology with you. Specific introduction: Cangjie special project: I know how to fly and cannon, and I still […]

Trie and persistent Trie

Trie Trie, also known as dictionary tree or prefix tree, is a tree-shaped data structure for efficient storage and retrieval of strings. Its main feature is to use the common prefix of strings to reduce storage space and improve query efficiency. The following is an introduction to common operations on Tries: Insertion: Insert a string […]

Two methods of image retrieval to draw PR curves (according to requirements) or two methods of generating indicators

Table of Contents Judging the best case based on the length of the different hash codes Average precision and recall over all samples at each hash code length The average precision and recall of each retrieval set sample under different hash code lengths the difference code difference Differences in Application Scenarios The meaning of the […]

Elasticsearch actual combat processing email attachments for full-text content retrieval

Directory 1. System environment and software requirements 2. Software description 3. Define the text extraction pipeline (pipeline) 4. Create index and set document structure mapping 5. Insert document 6. Query documents The requirement is to process the content of local emails and attachments such as PDF, EXCEL, WORD, etc., and save them to the ES […]

Springboot+Vue email to retrieve password

1. Preliminary preparation: 1. Download and install redis Here I attach the redis version I use myself. If you use other versions, you can find resources by yourself. The Baidu network disk link: Extraction code: ovxd First unzip to a file, then double-click redies-server.exe to run redis. 2. Add dependencies <dependency> <groupId>org.springframework.boot</groupId> <artifactId>spring-boot-starter-mail</artifactId> </dependency> […]

Implementation of (console) keyword retrieval system based on C++100010890

Keyword search system 1 Analysis 1.1 Background Analysis Retrieving the number of occurrences of a keyword in a text is an operation that is often used in word processing, text statistics, and other work. Because its operation is relatively low-level, the frequency of use is relatively high, so the efficiency and complexity of its execution […]

An online full-text index BUG troubleshooting: word segmentation and retrieval of Arabic-like numbers

When it comes to word segmentation for full-text search, most of them talk about Chinese (Japanese and Korean) word segmentation, and there are few Latin languages such as English, because English words are naturally word segmentation. But less about Arabic numerals. Such as the amount, mobile phone number, landline number and so on. The following […]