Understanding typescript

Foreword During a recent interview, I was asked a question about typescript, and my answer was very poor, so I will reorganize the knowledge system here to consolidate it. TypeScript online editor recommendations TypeScript Playground, playcode.io, stackblitz.com, codesandbox.io The concept of es6 classes and their relationship with constructors Before es6, js generated instance objects through […]

Typescript declare keyword

Foreword The declare keyword is used to tell the compiler that a certain type exists and can be used in the current file. Its main function is to allow the current file to use types declared by other files. For example, if your script uses a function defined by an external library, the compiler will […]

TypeScript Generics and Type Gymnastics

The wind on the shore: Personal homepage Personal column :《VUE》《javaScript》 The ideal of life is for an ideal life! Table of Contents Generics 1. Generic functions 2. Generic interface 3. Generic classes Type Gymnastics 1. Conditional Types 2. keyof operator and index access type 3. infer keyword extends keyword and type constraints Generic function Util […]

TypeScript – Generic Theory and Practice

1. Introduction An important part of software engineering is building components. Components not only need to have well-defined and consistent APIs also need to be reusable. Good components are not only compatible with existing data types, but also applicable to data types that may appear in the future, which will provide great flexibility and high […]

Use byte streams to achieve file cutting, file merging, and file copying (three types)

File splitting and merging Implement file separation (cutting) Implement file merging File copy Realize file separation (cutting) package com.IO; import java.io.*; import java.util.Arrays; /** * Realize file separation [cutting] * Implement file merger */ public class FileCutter02 {<!– –> public static void main(String[] args) throws IOException {<!– –> File file = new File(“d:/music.flac”); // File […]

Vue front-end framework 10 component composition, component nesting relationship, component registration method, component transfer data (props $emit), array transfer of multiple data types, component transfer props verification, component events

Article directory 1. Component composition 2. Component nesting relationship 3. How to register components 4. Components pass data (through props) 5. Components pass multiple data types 6. Component delivery props verification 7. Component events 1. Component composition The biggest advantage of components is reusability Components are usually defined in .vue, which is SFC single file […]

Exception handling and custom exception types in Python

Article directory Exceptions and handling and usage in Python abnormal Handle exceptions Propagation of exceptions (throwing exceptions) throw an exception try-except statement finally statement else statement Custom exception type Summarize Exceptions, handling and usage in Python Exception While the program is running, some errors will inevitably occur, such as: A variable that has not been […]

Understand these four indicator types of Prometheus, can anyone become a veteran monitoring driver?

Metrics are used to measure trends in performance, consumption, efficiency, and many other software attributes over time. They allow engineers to monitor the evolution of a range of measurements (such as CPU or memory usage, request duration, latency, etc.) through alerts and dashboards. Metrics have a long history in the field of IT monitoring and […]

Front-end song – Lesson 9 – About the original typescript implementation of todolist

Foreword I am a ballad. The best time to plant trees was ten years ago, followed by now. Today, I will continue to bring you an explanation of original typescript. Environment configuration npm init -y yarn add vite -D Modify page.json configuration port { “name”: “demo1”, “version”: “1.0.0”, “description”: “”, “main”: “index.js”, “scripts”: { “dev”: […]