JSDoc, an alternative to TypeScript?

Many developers prefer using TypeScript because of its type checking capabilities. However, this requires an additional translation step, which can cause trouble and waste time. This article will show you how to use JSDoc to get the same type of control, while using pure JavaScript for the fastest development times and better documentation! JavaScript has […]

Falling in love with C language: storage of integers and floating point types in memory (base conversion, original code, complement, complement and big and small endian)

Author: Ah Hui is extraordinary What do you think: Life is dull, but running is windy Column: Falling in love with C language Drawing tool: draw.io(Free and open source drawing website) If you think the article is helpful to you, please like, follow, and collect to support the blogger. If there are any deficiencies, please […]

nodemon typescript?

Table of Contents 1. Install typescript in vscode 2.Typescript is compiled into JavaScript 3.tsconfig.json configuration 4.vscode’s detection function for typescript When I was writing the API interface, I felt very unhappy that there was no prompt, so I wanted to use typescript to rewrite all the js’ files I assume that you use vscode to […]

TypeScript enums (hyper-verbose)

The Enum type is used in scenarios where the values are limited to a certain range, for example, there can only be seven days in a week, and the colors are limited to red, green, and blue, etc. TS enumeration is inspired by C# Simple example Enumerations are defined using the enum keyword: enum Days […]

BindingFlags in C#: Core enumeration types for reflection

The C# programming language provides a very powerful feature: reflection, which allows us to dynamically obtain and operate type information at runtime. Reflection can be used to implement many advanced functions, such as dynamically loading assemblies, creating object instances, calling methods, accessing fields and properties, etc. To use reflection, we need to use some classes […]

[C++] Type conversion [4 types of type conversion]

Table of Contents 1. Type conversion in C language 2. Four type conversions in C++ 2.1 static_cast 3.2 reinterpret_cast 3.3 const_cast 3.4 dynamic_cast 3. express 4. RTTI (Understand) 1. Type conversion in C language exist C language, if The left and right sides of the assignment operator have different types, or the formal parameter types […]

Event types supported by Flowable6.8.0 process listening event engine

Event types supported by Flowable process event engine Instructions on process definition listeners Event listeners can only be declared on the process element as a child element of extensionElements. (Event) listeners cannot be defined on individual nodes (activities). Expressions in delegateExpression, unlike other expressions (such as those in gateways), do not have access to the […]