Starting from single testing, improve the underlying API effect function in the Vue3 source code

Based on the effect method implemented in the previous article, based on the single test in the Vue3 source code, three functions of this method are improved, namely: runner: effect can return a self-executing parameter runner function scheduler: effect supports adding the scheduler function in the second parameter option stop: effect Adds stop function runner […]

vue implements printing function (can print multiple pages)

When we use the vue-print-nb” plug-in, we find that we can only print one page, which is very uncomfortable. Now we have encapsulated a tool class that can print multiple pages, which is simple and convenient. Not much to say, Go directly to the code. Introduce the tool class first 1. Create the print.js file […]

How to use python to implement the mail family bucket function

Today I will show you how to implement it without logging into the email interface. The functions of sending emails, adding attachments, and receiving emails are realized through python code. As follows: Use NetEase 126 mailbox for demonstration. You can also add cute photos of young ladies as attachments ? Apply the effect first 1. […]

Implementation of string functions

Implementation of string functions One: strlen()—-calculate the string size Write strlen first, because it will be used by several functions later. code show as below: #define _CRT_SECURE_NO_WARNINGS #include<stdio.h> int my_strlen(char* arr) {<!– –> int sum = 0, i = 0; while (*arr != ‘\0’) {<!– –> sum + + ; arr + + ; } […]

C detailed string functions

But on the road ahead, don’t ask about your return date It should be noted that to use the functions mentioned below, you must include the header file Article directory strlen strcpy strncpy strcat strncat strcmp strncmp strstr strtok strerror String case conversion strupr strlwr memcpy memmove memcmp strlen Find the length of a string […]

[javaScript Core] High-order functions

Foreword “In JavaScript, functions are first-class citizens.” We can always see this sentence in various books and articles. The popular explanation is: functions in JS are also objects. They can have attributes, can be assigned to a variable, can be placed in an array as elements, and can be used as attributes of other objects. […]

[SCM Graduation Project] [jj-009] Intelligent Curtains | Multi-Function Curtains | Automatic Curtains | Timed Curtains | Light-Controlled Curtains

1. Basic introduction Item name: Design of intelligent curtain system based on microcontroller Design of multifunctional curtain system based on single-chip microcomputer Design of automatic curtain system based on single chip microcomputer Design of timer curtain system based on microcontroller Design of light-controlled curtain system based on single-chip microcomputer Project name: Curtain Microcontroller type: STM32F103C8T6 […]

Add never sleep function in msm8909_Setting

In the project, the Android board needs to enter the desktop when it is turned on and never sleep. The project uses Fibocom’s SC806 Android development board and msm8909 platform. Configure never sleep diff Put the diff file in front and you can apply it directly! diff –git a/frameworks/base/packages/SettingsProvider/res/values/defaults.xml b/frameworks/base/packages/SettingsProvider/res/values/defaults.xml index 64378d7ba7..3ee1079fb5 100644 — a/frameworks/base/packages/SettingsProvider/res/values/defaults.xml […]

“Amazon Cloud Technology Product Review” event call for papers|Building a streaming media server with “weak” image processing functions

Authorization statement: This article authorizes the official Amazon Cloud Technology article to forward and rewrite the rights, including but not limited to Amazon Cloud Technology official channels such as Developer Centre, Zhihu, self-media platforms, third-party developer media, etc. This article is based on the following software and hardware tools: +awsec2 + frp-0.52.3 + mediamtx-1.3.0 + […]