C++: Templates (function templates, class templates)

This article mainly introduces generic programming, function templates and class templates. Table of Contents 1. Generic programming 2. Function template 1. Function template concept 2. Function template format 3. Principle of function template 4. Instantiation of function templates 5. Matching principles of template parameters 3. Class template 1. Definition format of class template 2. Instantiation […]

Anonymous functions, built-in functions, iterators

1. Anonymous functions Anonymous function: It is actually a function without a name. Anonymous functions must also be used with parentheses. Grammar format: lambda formal parameter: return value def index (formal parameter): Return value res = lambda x: x ** 2 def index(x): return x**2 index(2) print(res) # <function <lambda> at 0x0000024422FB7040> ret = res(2) […]

Practical implementation of the function of adding text watermarks and picture watermarks in Java!

This article introduces how to add text watermarks to pictures in Java. The watermark can be a picture or text, and it is easy to operate. Steps to implement adding watermark to pictures in java: Get the original image object information (local image or network image) Add watermark (set watermark color, font, coordinates, etc.) Process […]

Launcher3 custom desktop application [Android13 version]

Article directory summary Change default layout Dynamically add apps to the home screen in code summary Summary Launcher3 project address: AOSP source code/packages/apps/Launcher3 Launcher3 customizes desktop applications. I currently have two methods in practice: Change the default layout file and specify which apps to add to the home screen Dynamically add apps to the home […]

Canvas implements the signature board including withdrawal, restoration, clearing, display and other functions

Because it is used on the official account, you have to consider whether it is a mobile terminal or a PC terminal. Use the isPC variable to judge and set the width and height canvasStyle corresponding to the signature board. This is hard-coded, 500*280 for the PC terminal and 350* for the mobile terminal. 196, […]

4-3 nn.functional and nn.Module

One, nn.functional and nn.Module Earlier we introduced some common APIs in Pytorch’s tensor structural operations and mathematical operations. Using these tensor APIs, we can build neural network-related components (such as activation functions, model layers, loss functions). In fact: Most of the functional components related to Pytorch and neural networks are encapsulated under the torch.nn module. […]

python self (2) slice dictionary traverse delete add modify query definition function function return value scope serialization exception error urllib uses one type and six methods to download video audio picture

Slice # # Slice # s = ‘hello word’ # # The subscript index is 0 # print(s[0]) #h # # Left closed and right open (left starts with the subscript, right is several index values), for example, 4 index values starting from 0 # print(s[0:4]) #hell # # Change the starting position of the […]

Python serial port assistant function (0/4)

util_serial.py Code to implement serial port UI interface # -*- coding: utf-8 -*- importsys from PyQt5.QtCore import * from PyQt5.QtGui import * from serial.tools.list_ports import comports from widget_serial import * from PyQt5.QtGui import QFont from data_check import * ”’ main tool ”’ debug=0 class SerialWidget(QWidget): _instance = None # Class variable to store the singleton […]