C++ thread’s join() function uses a small coup

Directory Foreshadowing: Introduction to the join() function and the detach() function are associated with the main thread 1. There are hidden dangers in the detach() function 2. Join() function call timing – blocking call 3. Join() function call timing – call in the destructor Foreshadowing: Introduction to the join() function and The detach() function is […]

Taro3+Vue3 uses echarts

Picture first, hang without picture One. Taro supports echarts Official description: https://taro-docs.jd.com/blog/2018-09-18-taro-1-0-0#Support citing third-party component libraries on the applet side 2. Introduce echarts-for-weixin plug-in github address: https://github.com/ecomfe/echarts-for-weixin Only import wx-canvas.js under the ec-canvas folder 3. Custom download echarts Address: https://echarts.apache.org/zh/builder.html You can choose the version yourself, the author tested both 5.3.3 and 5.4.1 to support […]

iOS uses FFmpeg command line

Official Documentation FFmpeg is a set of open source computer programs that can be used to record, convert digital audio and video, and convert them into streams. It provides a complete solution for recording, converting and streaming audio and video. The code of FFmpeg consists of two parts, one part is library and the other […]

Python uses pyqt to write interface tools

The previous article introduced the use of python’s own tkinter package to write tools with interfaces. This article introduces the use of pyqt to develop test tools. The advantage of tkinter is that python comes with it, which is easy to use (but the handwritten controls are complicated), and the layout and placement are not […]

2017.07.14 Flask uses port 80 service, Nginx+uWSGI

1. Operating system environment: Ubuntu Server 16.04.1 LTS 64-bit 2. Preparation before installation: (1) Install Python environment Next is python. The default environment of Ubuntu has pre-installed python 2.7, so you only need to install the pip installation tool of python. pip is used to install some software tools based on python applications, which will […]

ASP.NET Core3.1 uses Ocelot open source gateway

1. Build downstream services Add 2 ASP.NET Core projects, namely Order.Api and User.Api The Order.Api port is set to 5001, and the User.Api port is set to 5002, both using the HTTP protocol UsersController code: [ApiController] [Route(“v1”)] public class UsersController : ControllerBase { private static List_users = new List { new UserItem(“Mack”), new UserItem(“Jack”) }; […]

Linux uses supervisor to manage processes

Now suppose a script is, hello.py, the content is fo = open(‘xx.txt’,’w’) while 1: fo.write(‘hello world’) print(‘hi’) time. sleep(1) If you use python hello.py, the console will always print hi, and you will not be able to do other tasks. You must open a window in xshell. If ctrl + c, the program ends directly. […]

Keras’s Model model uses

This topic mainly explains the use of the model Model in the Keras framework, mainly including: 1. Two ways to use the model; 2. Realization of classic model (custom model); 3. Customized training of the model; 1. Two ways to use the model Keras provides two computing models through two APIs: Functional model: through the […]