iOS uses gyroscope to achieve naked-eye 3D effect

Go directly to the complete code // // BannerView.m //Test // // Created by liubo on 2023/7/20. // #import “LB3DBannerView.h” #import <Masonry/Masonry.h> #import <CoreMotion/CoreMotion.h> @interface LB3DBannerView () { CGFloat maxOffset; CGFloat lastGravigyX; CGFloat lastGravityY; NSTimeInterval deviceMotionUpdateInterval; CGPoint frontImageViewCenter; CGPoint secondFrontImageViewCenter; CGPoint backImageViewCenter; } @property (nonatomic, strong) UIImageView *frontImageView; @property (nonatomic, strong) UIImageView *secondFrontImageView; @property (nonatomic, […]

The information returned by the Mybatis query result set uses ResultMap to implement the encapsulated POJO class—–Mybatis framework

<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″?> <!DOCTYPE mapper PUBLIC “-// Mapper 3.0//EN” “”> <mapper namespace=”com.powernode.mybatis.mappers.CarMapper”> <select id=”selectById” resultType=”Car”> select id as id, car_num as carNum, brand as brand, guide_price as guidePrice, produce_time as produceTime, car_type as carType from t_car where id = #{id}; </select> <select id=”selectAll” resultType=”Car”> select id as id, car_num as carNum, brand as brand, guide_price […]

python self (2) slice dictionary traverse delete add modify query definition function function return value scope serialization exception error urllib uses one type and six methods to download video audio picture

Slice # # Slice # s = ‘hello word’ # # The subscript index is 0 # print(s[0]) #h # # Left closed and right open (left starts with the subscript, right is several index values), for example, 4 index values starting from 0 # print(s[0:4]) #hell # # Change the starting position of the […]

Improper new ArrayList causes CPU spike. .

Source: Preface The scene at that time Normal jvm monitoring curve chart The jvm monitoring curve that caused the problem Specific analysis Conclusion Yesterday, the CPU of the online container suddenly surged. This is the first time to troubleshoot this problem, so I will record it~ Foreword First of all, the problem is this. […]

Causes and solutions to thread safety issues

Article directory 1. What is thread safety issue? 2. Reasons for thread safety issues 3. Solution 3.1 Locking 1. What is thread safety issue Some codes are completely correct when executed in a single-threaded environment, but bugs will appear when executed in a multi-threaded environment. This is a “thread safety issue.” The following is an […]

Pytorch framework uses self-built data sets

Pytorch framework uses self-built data sets Set partitioning tag mapping Transform class Dataset class Dataloader class Collection division First place the dataset as follows: ├─class_1 │ data_1 │… │data_n ├─class_2 │ data_1 │… │data_n ├─… │ data_1 │… │data_n └─class_n data_1 … data_n The division of the data set mainly relies on the sklearn module. […]

[Flink Practical Combat] Flink docks with Kafka Connetor and uses docker to deploy kafka

Author: “Big Data Little Zen” Article introduction: The first step of connecting Flink to Kafka Connetor is to deploy kafka using docker Friends are welcome to like, collect?, and comment Directory navigation What is Docker Docker common commands Docker installation process Docker deploy kafka What is Docker Docker is an open source containerization platform used […]

Orange Pie cooperates with IIC to drive OLED & uses SourceInsight to interpret the source code

OLED screen introduction & amp; hardware wiring OLED is also an old acquaintance. For a detailed introduction, see: IIC protocol and OLED_iic oled-CSDN Blog Review the Orange Pie hardware wiring again: According to previous studies, I learned that OLED screen drivers require the IIC protocol. When learning C52, I used code to simulate the IIC […]