Beautiful Soup4 data analysis and extraction

Beautiful Soup4 Overview Beautiful Soup is a Python library for parsing HTML and XML documents, providing convenient data extraction and manipulation functions. It helps extract required data from web pages such as tags, text content, attributes, etc. Beautiful Soup will automatically convert input documents to Unicode encoding and output documents to UTF-8 encoding. Beautiful Soup […]

Bean copy component (annotation driven) solution design and implementation

1. Background The process of data flow between each layer should be changed, the number of field attributes, attribute names (generally unchanged, but there are also cases of changes during reconstruction), type names (common changes such as BO, VO, DTO). For the converted business objects, the original method is to directly fill in the instances […]

kafkaStream real-time streaming computing

2 Real-time streaming computing 2.1 Concept Streaming computing is generally compared to batch computing. In the streaming computing model, the input is continuous and can be considered unbounded in time, which means that the full amount of data can never be obtained for calculation. At the same time, the calculation results are continuously output, that […]

DNS domain name resolution system

1. The role of DNS Domain Name System (DNS) is a service of the Internet. As a distributed database that maps domain names and IP addresses to each other, it can make people access the Internet more conveniently. DNS defines two types of messages, one is the query message; the other is the response to […]

JAVA URLDNS chain analysis and utilization

JAVA URLDNS chain analysis and utilization Understand java deserialization knowledge Java native chain serialization: Use the writerObject method of the object output stream to implement the Serializable interface to convert the object into a byte sequence for storage and transfer of object data. Example: package org.example;//Object import; import; import; public class […]

[Error resolution] CatBoostError: Bad value for num feature[non default doc idx=0,feature idx=19]=

1. Project scenario: baseline uses CatBoost to achieve prediction. [AI for Science] Quantum Chemistry: Molecular Property Prediction-First Check-in-Machine Learning Baseline [AI for Science] Quantum Chemistry: Molecular Property Prediction – Second Check-in – Feature Engineering Baseline Score 2. Problem description: Original code: # Import the numpy library for numerical calculations import numpy as np #Import the […]

Coroutine flow in Kotlin

1. Flow Overview Flow has asynchronous suspension suspend reactive programming. You can use the suspension function to asynchronously produce and consume events. Flow’s design is also inspired by reactive flows and its various implementations. 2. Production and consumption of Flow suspend fun test1() { flow<Int> { (0..4).forEach { emit(it)//The producer sends data } }.collect { […]

A front-end non-intrusive skeleton screen automatic generation solution

Author: Front-end chef Original text: Background Performance optimization, reducing page loading time, and improving user experience are an eternal topic in the front-end field. In the context of separation of front-end and back-end and asynchronous rendering being widely used in pages, it is inevitable that a large number of pages will have a white […]

Java project interface repeatedly submits solutions

Interface repeated submission problem Solutions and advantages and disadvantages solution Advantages and Disadvantages Implementation examples In response to the problem of repeated submissions, some measures are needed on both the front end and the back end to ensure the idempotence of user operations and prevent repeated submission of the same request. Here are some solutions […]

Causes and solutions to thread safety issues

Article directory 1. What is thread safety issue? 2. Reasons for thread safety issues 3. Solution 3.1 Locking 1. What is thread safety issue Some codes are completely correct when executed in a single-threaded environment, but bugs will appear when executed in a multi-threaded environment. This is a “thread safety issue.” The following is an […]