<1>, C++ implements multi-thread synchronization processing: controlling the output sequence of ABC, outputting 10 groups, mutex+condition_variable

Table of Contents need: analyze: Some code implementation: 1. Operations implemented using only flag bits: 2. For greater security, the mutex lock code is added: 3. Use it with unique_lock to make the code safer Four: Use guard lock lock_guard to work with it 5. You can also use condition variables to process, which will […]

Spring Boot implements various parameter verifications. It is so well written. It is recommended to collect it!

Hello everyone, I am a passerby~~~ Click on the card below to follow me, java dry goods will be delivered in time I have written an article about the use of Spring Validation before, but I still feel that I am superficial. This time I plan to thoroughly understand Spring Validation. This article will introduce […]

In embedded design, for a variable storage design with only two states, how to efficiently quantify the deviation of the tracking car…

Foreword (1) In embedded programming, we often need to store data from various sensors. Most of the time sensors, such as infrared light sensors, return data that is either 0 or 1. Therefore, only one bit is needed to store it. However, many people often use char array storage, so that only one-eighth of the […]

std::condition_variable condition variable and lock_guard, unique_lock

Used to block one thread, or block multiple threads at the same time, until another thread modifies the shared variable (condition) and notifies condition_variable. A thread that intentionally modifies a variable must Obtain std::mutex (often via std::lock_guard ) Modify while holding lock Perform notify_one or notify_all on std::condition_variable (no need to hold locks for notifications) […]

Comprehensive explanation of Java regular expressions and various sample codes

In-Depth Guide to Java Regular Expressions Introduction Regular expressions are a powerful text matching tool that are widely used for operations such as string search and replacement. In Java, the use of regular expressions involves the Pattern and Matcher classes. This article aims to provide a more in-depth perspective, detailing the various symbols and patterns […]

[SCM graduation project] [cl-014] Intelligent traffic lights | Intelligent traffic lights | Time-variable traffic lights

1. Basic introduction Item name: Design of intelligent traffic light monitoring system based on microcontroller Design of intelligent traffic light monitoring system based on microcontroller Design of time-variable traffic light detection system based on microcontroller Project name: traffic light Project number: mcuclub-cl-014 Microcontroller type: STC89C52 Specific functions: 1. There are four directions: east, west, north […]