Word2Vec word vector analysis (word similarity) based on the character story of Genshin Impact character Keqing

First get the character text of Keqing: raw_texts = [ “Emperor Yanwang brought prosperity to Liyue Port, and his reputation for governing the world was turned into novels and biographies that people talked about. However, as one of the people closest to God, Keqing seems to be the one who lacks the least awe. \ […]

2-5 (outside the article) word vector Word2Vec code practical article

Table of Contents 1 Statement: 2 Code link: 3 Reference links: 4 practical steps: 4.1 Data selection: 4.2 Data preprocessing and word segmentation: 4.2.1 Data preprocessing: 4.2.2 Why word segmentation? 4.2.3 Participles: 4.3 Model training: 4.4 Visualization: 4.4.1 PCA dimensionality reduction: 4.4.2 Draw a starry sky map: 4.5 Analogical relationship experiment: 1 claim: This course […]

STL–vector container (construction, traversal, insertion and deletion, capacity size, data access, dynamic expansion, etc.)

vector Foreword In the past few days, I have used STL a lot when writing code, and I have also felt the power of STL, so I reviewed the content of STL again, and summarized and extracted some basic things and important content. This is a vector article . C++’s STL provides us with many […]


Table of Contents 1.malloc and new 1.malloc function 2.new keyword 3.free function 4.delete keyword 5.Usage of new and delete keywords When is the destructor called? 2.Vector What is Vector? 3.Homework 1.malloc and new We use a malloc function and enter the disassembly to view the code 1.malloc function 2.new keyword 3.free function 4.delete keyword 5.Usage […]

C++ vector container

Article directory vector container basic concept Constructor Assignment operation size and capacity Insertion and deletion data access Interchangeable container Reserved space vector container Basic concepts The vector data structure is very similar to an array, also called a single-ended array The difference between vector and ordinary array: The difference is that array is a static […]

Matlab batch extracts image feature vectors

Recently, the matlab digital image processing course requires batch feature extraction of thousands of training set and test set images as input to SVM. So you can use matlab to extract image feature vectors in batches and save them for subsequent use. Batch extraction function: % function return parameters % Category column vector Categorys, and […]

[Python&GIS] Implementing raster to surface and surface to raster (conversion between raster and vector) based on Python

Hello everyone, I have another article. Recently, my colleagues were working on ecological service-related projects and needed to operate vector data, so I checked the relevant information. Today I will share with you how to use Python’s GDAL library to implement raster to feature and feature to raster ( Convert raster and vector to each […]

C++STL_vector sequence table

We must have come into contact with vector when we were learning data structures before. It is the sequence table in our data structure. We have implemented it using C language before. my_road: my code (gitee.com) This is the code I use to implement vector in C language; we have to write a lot of […]

C++: STL first vector

Table of Contents 1.Introduction and use of vector 1.1 Introduction to vector 1.2 Use of vector 1.2.1 Definition of vector 1.2.2 Use of vector iterator (iterator) 1.2.3 Vector space growth problem 1.2.4 Addition, deletion, modification and query of vector 1.2.5 Vector iterator failure problem. (emphasis) 2.Vector in-depth analysis and simulation implementation 2.1 Simulation implementation of […]