Debian 11 updates Node.js version

Published on 2023-07-14 at Steps Download the required Node.js installation script from the NodeSource service. Pay attention to changing the version number. The current LTS version is 18.x curl -sL | sudo -E bash – It is now possible to install (update) noedjs directly from apt sudo apt install -y nodejs View node […]

Springboot java introduces Mqtt to receive and send messages under the framework of the front and back separation version

This is just one of them, and it is a superficial method of receiving and sending messages. The synchronization mechanism needs to be communicated and confirmed with colleagues engaged in the Internet of Things to see if it can be implemented. Or if there are many devices, the synchronization mechanism will not be used. First, […]

Java implements text duplication checking (similarity) without third-party tool version

Functional background: As business records gradually grow, duplicate project name data and duplicate content data gradually appear, which leads to a decline in the quality of project records. In order to avoid this situation from happening, we consider performing duplication checking on key data information. We originally planned to use a third-party standard duplication checking […]

oracle database (oracel11 version)

1. Understanding of oracle database 1.Oracle Database, also known as Oracle RDBMS, or Oracle for short. It is a relational database management system from Oracle Corporation. It is a product that has always been in the leading position in the database field. It can be said that the Oracle database system is currently a popular […]

Falling in love with C language: storage of integers and floating point types in memory (base conversion, original code, complement, complement and big and small endian)

Author: Ah Hui is extraordinary What do you think: Life is dull, but running is windy Column: Falling in love with C language Drawing tool: and open source drawing website) If you think the article is helpful to you, please like, follow, and collect to support the blogger. If there are any deficiencies, please […]

2.3 Windows driver development: kernel string conversion method

In kernel programming, strings have two formats: ANSI_STRING and UNICODE_STRING. These two formats are safe versions of string structures introduced by Microsoft and are also formats recommended by Microsoft. , usually the type represented by ANSI_STRING is char *, which is a string in multi-byte mode of ANSI, and UNICODE_STRING represents wchar*, which is a […]

Vue black notepad component version

Rendering functions: 1. Provide data: Provide it in the public parent component App.vue 2. Pass data to TodoMain through parent to child. 3. Use v-for rendering Added features: 1. Collect form data v-model 2. Listen for events (enter + click to add) 3. Pass the task name to the parent component App.vue 4. Add unshift […]

Data processing files mutual conversion

Data processing The main ones organized here are .txt, .json, .csv, .excel, .pkl Data storage and conversion between files 1. txt part 1.1 List[dict] conversion to txt specific code def save_jsonlist_txt(json_data, target_path): “”” Save json list to txt file “”” with open(target_path, “w”, encoding=”utf-8″) as file: for item in json_data: item = str(item).replace(“\ “, “\\ […]

Unity mobile game development: Addressables 4, resource version management

The resource version management we expect includes several aspects: Can be updated across versions,Can be rolled back to versions, and can dynamically modify the update address< /strong>. Version definition: The version number should be upgraded every time the game is updated. The client should theoretically have two version numbers: Frame Version (FrameVersion) and Resource Version […]