Mysql5.7 version reserved keywords

Keywords and reserved words Keywords are words that have significant meaning in SQL. Certain keywords, such as SELECT, DELETE, or BIGINT, are reserved and require special handling for use as identifiers such as table and column names. This may also apply to the names of built-in functions. Allow non-reserved keywords as identifiers without quotes. Reserved […]

MySql 8.0 version keywords

A|B|C|D|E|F|G|H|I|J|K|L|M|N|O|P|Q|R|S|T|U|V|W|X | Y | Z A ACCESSIBLE (R) ACCOUNT action ACTIVE; added in 8.0.14 (nonreserved) ADD (R) ADMIN; became nonreserved in 8.0.12 AFTER AGAINST AGGREGATE ALGORITHM ALL (R) ALTER (R) ALWAYS ANALYSE; removed in 8.0.1 ANALYZE (R) AND (R) ANY ARRAY; added in 8.0.17 (reserved); became nonreserved in 8.0.19 AS (R) ASC (R) ASCII ASENSITIVE […]

Install cuda11.7+cuDNN8.6 deb version on ubuntu2004

Install cuda11.7 + cuDNN8.6 deb version on ubuntu2004 1. Graphics card driver installation 1.1 Check the driver version 2. Install cuda 2.1 Inspection before installation 2.2 Download CUDA11.7 2.3 Installation 2.4 Setting environment variables 2.5 detection 3.cuDNN installation 3.1 Download cuDNN8.6 3.2 Install cuDNN8.6 deb 3.3 Test cuDNN 3.4 Problem Description The tutorial refers to […]

From 1D to 2D: Array conversion tricks in JavaScript

Overview In JavaScript, we often need to convert a one-dimensional array to a two-dimensional array. This kind of operation is very common in fields such as data processing and visualization. This article will introduce two methods of converting a one-dimensional array into a two-dimensional array, hoping to help readers better understand this process. Method 1: […]

[Algorithm] Convert to Base -2 negative binary conversion

Article directory Convert to Base -2 negative binary conversion Problem Description: analyze the code Convert to Base -2 negative binary conversion Description of problem: Given an integer n, return the negative binary (base -2) representation of that integer as a binary string. Note that the returned string cannot contain leading zeros unless the string is […]

C/C++ realizes YUV420SP image conversion to RGB image

C/C ++ realizes YUV420SP image to RGB image #ifndef YUV420SP_TO_RGB_FAST_ASM_H #define YUV420SP_TO_RGB_FAST_ASM_H //#if __ARM_NEON #include <arm_neon.h> static void yuv420sp_to_rgb_fast_asm(const unsigned char* yuv420sp, int w, int h, unsigned char* rgb) { const unsigned char* yptr = yuv420sp; const unsigned char* vuptr = yuv420sp + w * h; int8x8_t _v128 = vdup_n_s8(128); int8x8_t _v90 = vdup_n_s8(90); int8x8_t […]

[Computer Vision 1]–Graphics preprocessing (color space conversion)

Article directory image preprocessing color space conversion RGB to HSV conversion HSV to RGB conversion RGB to CMYK conversion Image preprocessing Computer vision image preprocessing refers to a series of processing and conversion of images before image processing, so as to better perform subsequent image processing and analysis. Its main purpose is to enable images […]