PicGo tool configures Gitee image bed warehouse

PicGo tool configures Gitee image bed warehouse 1. The role of the image bed 2. Tools used 3. Download and installation of various tools 3.1. PicGo 3.1.1. PicGo download 3.1.2. PicGo installation 3.2. Node.js 3.2.1. Node.js download 3.2.2. Install Node.js 3.2.3. Configure Node.js environment variables Configuration environment and verification Modify the module download […]

Deploy YUM warehouse and NFS shared service

Directory 1. YUM Warehouse Service 1. Overview of YUM 2. Prepare the installation source 2.1. How the software warehouse is provided 2.2. The source of the RPM package 3. Overview of YUM tools 3.1. YUM configuration file 3.2. Package query 2. How to provide YUM source 1. Configure the local yum source 3. NFS shared […]

Linux: Deploy YUM warehouse and NFS shared service

One. YUM warehouse service 1.YUM Overview (1) A software update mechanism based on RPM packages. (2) Can automatically resolve dependencies. (3) All software packages are provided by the centralized YUM software repository. 2.Common command format of YUM 3. How to provide the software warehouse (1) FTP service: ftp://… (2) HTTP service: http://… (3) Local directory: […]

Java implementation of Airplane Wars 2.0 game (open source)

Foreword: The game is based on [Shangxuetang] Aircraft Battle 2.0 at station B, the main frame remains unchanged, and the code is slightly changed. Java technology: java variables, java data types, judgment statements, loop structures, arrays, Java collections, simple window creation, graphics and picture drawing, double buffering technology, events-mouse and keyboard events, object collision detection. […]

Software Testing/Test Development丨Automated Testing Positioning Strategy Actual Combat-Tester Forum Search

This article is a sharing of learning notes for students of Hogwarts Test Development Society Original link: https://ceshiren.com/t/topic/24857 1. Automated testing positioning strategy Not sure which targeting method to use? The element cannot be positioned and cannot be resolved? Location methods General web targeting methods Positioning Strategy Description class name Locate elements by class attribute […]

Middleware (3) – Kafka (2)

Kafka 6. Efficient reading and writing & amp; Zookeeper function 6.1 Efficient reading and writing of Kafka 6.2 The role of zookeeper in Kafka 7. Affairs 7.1 Producer transaction 7.2 Consumer affairs 8. API producer process 9. Call kafka through python 9.1 Installing plugins 9.2 Producer and Consumer 9.3 Advanced Operations for Consumers 1. Initialization […]

Based on apache paimon real-time data warehouse and full incremental integration into the lake in real time

Introduction to use cases Apache Paimon (hereinafter referred to as Paimon) is a high-performance lake storage that supports real-time updates. This use case demonstrates the use of full + incremental integration to synchronize MySQL on a scale of tens of millions of data The capability of order table to Paimon detailed table, downstream calculation aggregation […]