Domain authority maintenance (DSRM password reset and AdminSDHolder abuse)

Article directory Introduction to Reset DSRM Password Reset DSRM Password Exploitation Introduction to AdminSDHolder Abuse AdminSDHolder Abuse Exploitation Summarize Introduction to resetting DSRM password Directory Restore Mode (DSRM) is a safe mode startup option for domain controllers in Windows domain environments. Each domain controller has a local administrator administrator account, which is the DSRM account, […]

Zip file password cracking with Python and Hack

1. Required libraries: **import zipfile<br>**import optparse<br>**from threading import Thread<br><br>(1) zipfile:<br>1.1 zipfile.ZipFile(fileName[, mode[, compression[, allowZip64]]])<br>There is no doubt about fileName.<br>mode is the same as general file operations, ‘r’ means to open an existing read-only ZIP file; ‘w’ means to clear and open a write-only ZIP file, or create a write-only ZIP file;’ a’ means to open […]

static static + package and guide package + access rights + getter and setter + inheritance + super keyword + method rewriting + polymorphism

static static The problem with this graph is how many people it will print as many times and what is the country We can define it as a static variable at the beginning, so that later it will default to the Qing Dynasty for the country column. And the content corresponding to static is shared. […]

Three-digit mixed password compressed package decryption tool

Instructions for use: The text editor saves it as a file type bat, without check spaces, exclamation marks, double quotation marks, percent marks, and colons. Because of special characters, the three digits are not processed temporarily because of the length limit of the batch value. It is only for demonstration and communication. @echo off setlocal […]

KylinV10 offline installation mysql8.0.32 modify port, modify password, develop connection permissions

Foreword Record the offline installation of the latest Mysql8.0.32 on KylinV10, and the pitfalls encountered 1. Prepare 1. Uninstall mariadb If there is an old version of MariaDB in the system, if you install MySQL directly, it will conflict with MariaDB files. To be on the safe side, first uninstall the built-in MariaDB, and then […]

JS uses docxtemplater to export word (with pictures)

One, docxtemplater docxtemplater is a mail merge tool that is used programmatically and handles conditions, loops, and can be extended to insert anything (tables, html, images). npm is the easiest way to install docxtemplater ? npm install docxtemplater pizzip –save ? // install docxtemplater npm install docxtemplater pizzip –save // install jszip-utils npm install jszip-utils […]

DFA Algorithm Finite Automata, Sensitive Word Filtering, PHP Example, PHP Example

DFA Algorithm Finite Automata, Sensitive Word Filtering, PHP Example, PHP Example; 1. PHP uses Array to implement the HashMap class library, <?php /** * php uses array to build HashMap structure class **/ namespace DFAMaster; class HashMap { /** * Hash table variable * @var array|null */ protected $hashTable = array(); public function __construct(){} /** […]