Android drag and drop startDragAndDrop drag and drop Glide to flexibly load stacked rounded corners, Kotlin (6)

Android drag and drop startDragAndDrop drag and drop Glide to flexibly load stacked rounded corners, Kotlin (6) Android drag and drop startDragAndDrop drag and drop Glide to load stacked rounded corners, Kotlin (5) – CSDN blog article has been read 1.3k times. Android DynamicGrid: Drag to swap positions. Android DynamicGrid is a third-party open source […]

Explore Miniconda3: a simple and flexible Python environment and software package management tool

Miniconda3 installation and configuration notes Foreword Miniconda3 is a lightweight Anaconda distribution that provides a flexible and simplified way to manage Python environments and packages. This article will introduce how to install, configure and manage Miniconda3, as well as use the conda command to manage the environment and software packages. Article directory Miniconda3 installation and […]

[Scientific Image Processing] Using matlab to replace image-j is a bit troublesome, but very flexible!

Students who work in materials and biology fields should be familiar with image-j. A few days ago, a senior asked me to use image-j to analyze some pictures. However, after using it, I found that I was confused about the results because I didn’t understand the workflow of image-j. I am not sure, and the […]

35 | OpenResty: A more flexible web server

In the previous lecture, we saw the high-performance web server Nginx, which takes up less resources and has high processing power. It is the first choice for building websites. Although Nginx has become the undisputed “king” of the web server field, it is not without its shortcomings. After all, it is already 15 years old. […]

Recommend a flexible and high-performance logging library in golang

1. Standard log library log In daily development, logging is an essential function. Although sometimes you can use the fmt library to output some information, it is not flexible enough. The Go standard library provides a logging library log. 1. Quick use Log is provided by the Go standard library and does not require additional […]

Water-based: Revealing the secrets of CSS responsive interface design, making content flexible and free, just like the changes of water

Jiangcheng Cheerful Pea: Personal homepage Personal column :《VUE》《javaScript》 Personal website : “Jiangcheng Cheerful Pea” The ideal of life is for an ideal life! Table of Contents ? Column introduction Article introduction 1. What is 2. Implementation method Media inquiries percentage vw/vh rem summary 3. Summary ?Write at the end ? Column Introduction Welcome to the […]

Is Redis not fast enough? Why you should consider using KeyDB, a faster, more powerful, and more flexible open source database…

Are you using Redis as your data structure storage and enjoying its high performance and high availability features? If so, then you might be interested in KeyDB. What is KeyDB? KeyDB An open source database powered by Snap and built for scale. It is a high-performance fork of Redis that focuses on multi-threading, memory efficiency, […]