Springboot uses custom annotations to implement log monitoring

First, you need to define an annotation interface, which is the annotation name of our custom annotation, and also define the internal parameters inside package com.common.log.vo; import java.lang.annotation.*; @Target({<!– –>ElementType. METHOD}) @Retention(RetentionPolicy. RUNTIME) @Documented public @interface OperationLog {<!– –> /** * module * */ String moduleName() default “”; String sheetType() default “”; String operationDesc() default […]

Database MySQL – multi-table query

Directory 1. Multi-table relationship 1. One-to-many (many-to-one) relationship 2. Many-to-many relationship 3. One-to-one relationship 2. Overview of multi-table query 1 Overview 2. Classification 3. Inner connection 4. Outer connection 5. Self-connection 6. Joint query-union Seven, sub query 1. Scalar subqueries 2. Column query 3. Row subqueries 4. Table subquery 1. Multi-table relationship In project development, […]

JavaEE–Multithreading (Continued) Security Issues

Multithreading continued 1. Common properties of Thread Second, interrupt a thread create variable method built-in flag method 3. Waiting for a thread Fourth, the state of the thread 5. Thread safety 1. Preemptive execution 2. Multiple threads modify the same variable 3. Modification operations are not atomic 4. Memory visibility 5. Instruction reordering Sixth, solve […]

The front end creates a local wallet and implements signature transfer (BSC, Polygon, ETH)

Article directory 1. Project preparation 2. Wallet-related concepts 3. Randomly create a wallet 4. Import the wallet according to the mnemonic 5. Import wallet according to keystore 6. Signature transfer 1. Project preparation Install ether.js npm install –save ethers Three ways to introduce ether.js: es3: var ethers = require(‘ethers’); es5/es6 const ethers = require(‘ethers’); javascript/typescript-es6 […]

Teach you how to use Docker to deploy a SpringBoot project from 0 to 1 with pictures and texts [latest version]

foreword Docker is a very popular container technology now, which can help us quickly deploy a project and environment (such as: mysql database, mq, etc.) This article will lead you to deploy a SpringBoot project from 0. After reading it, you can deploy your project and amaze your friends! Directory Basic environment deployment SpringBoot jar […]

Web front-end knowledge: micro-tasks and macro-tasks in js

What are microtasks and macrotasks in js In the JavaScript engine, tasks are divided into two types: microtasks and macrotasks. A microtask is a task that is executed immediately after the execution of the current task, and it can be regarded as a task added at the “tail” of the current task. Common microtasks include […]


What is rewrite Rewrite, also known as URL Rewrite, is URL rewriting, which is the process of redirecting incoming Web requests to other URLs. 1. The most common application of URL Rewrite is URL pseudo-static, which is a technology that displays dynamic pages as static pages. For example: http://www.123.com/news/index.php?id=123 can be displayed as http://www.123.com/news/123.html after […]

pyqt5 makes a simple drawing board

Foreword In the last blog Pyqt5 and opencv change the background color of the photo – Programmer Sought Used to draw the board, but not set the brush. So on this basis, operate on the brush. draw better Text First look at the operation after running Operation first open a picture For example, this After […]