Sequence List ArrayList

Directory 1. Concept 2. ArrayList collection frame diagram 3. Common methods of ArrayList 4. Implement ArrayList (Integer) by yourself 4.1 ArrayList construction 4.2 Expansion of ArrayList capacity 4.3 Judging whether it is empty or full 4.4 Whether the pos coordinates are legal (contained) 4.5 Adding and deleting elements of ArrayList 4.6 Containing elements 4.7 get […]

Bloom filter and cuckoo filter

Filter usage scenarios: For example, there are the following requirements: 1. Originally there were 1 billion numbers, and now 100,000 numbers have come in. It is necessary to quickly and accurately judge whether these 100,000 numbers are in the 1 billion number database? Solution 1: Store 1 billion numbers in the database and perform database […]

[Netty] Netty ChannelHandler (4)

Article directory foreword One, ChannelHandler Two, ChannelInboundHandler Three, ChannelOutboundHandler Four, ChannelDuplexHandler Summarize Foreword In the first two articles, we have had a simple understanding of Netty and an analysis of its architectural design principles. Links to related articles are as follows: Netty overview (1) Netty architecture design (2) Overview of Netty Channel (3) Let’s briefly […]

Netty combat (eight)

Guide 1. Guidance 1.1 What is bootstrap 1.2 Bootstrap classes 1.3 Bootstrap client and connectionless protocol 1.4 Booting the client 1.5 Compatibility of Channel and EventLoopGroup 2. Boot server 2.1 ServerBootstrap class 2.2 Boot server 3. Guide the client from the Channel 4. Add multiple ChannelHandlers during the boot process 5. Use Netty’s ChannelOption and […]

Performance testing – jmeter real-time pressure test results collection

Write the directory title here foreword 1. Composition of the pressure measurement and monitoring platform 2. Performance monitoring platform deployment – InfluxDB 3. Performance monitoring platform deployment – JMeter 4. Deployment of performance monitoring platform – Grafana 5. Deployment of performance monitoring platform – operation and result display Foreword Test report .vs. Pressure monitoring The […]

Run Jmeter pressure test under Linux

1. Install the SDK on the Linux server first 1. First download jdk1.8.0_131.tar.gz from the official website, and then upload it locally to the Linux server 2. Decompression: tar -xzf jdk1.8.0_131.tar.gz, generate folder jdk1.8.0_131 3. Create a java folder in the /usr/ directory, and then move the jdk1.8.0_131 directory to /usr/java 1) cd /usr/ 2) […]

SpringBoot plugin spring-boot-maven-plugin principle, and jar package deployment of SpringBoo project slimming practice

spring-boot-maven-plugin We directly use maven package (the package packaging function that comes with maven). When packaging the Jar package, the Jar package that the project depends on will not be entered together. When using java -jar When the command starts the project, an error will be reported, and the project cannot be started normally. At […]

PicGo tool configures Gitee image bed warehouse

PicGo tool configures Gitee image bed warehouse 1. The role of the image bed 2. Tools used 3. Download and installation of various tools 3.1. PicGo 3.1.1. PicGo download 3.1.2. PicGo installation 3.2. Node.js 3.2.1. Node.js download 3.2.2. Install Node.js 3.2.3. Configure Node.js environment variables Configuration environment and verification Modify the module download […]

ptp4l test-LinuxPTP\ptp4l configuration and troubleshooting

Directory I. Introduction 1.1 What is ptp4l 1.2 Description 1.3 Official website connection 1.4 Purpose 1.5 Platform 2. Platform Necessary Software 2.1 Linux physical machine 2.2 imx6ull development board 3. Check whether the hardware supports 3.1 ifconfig View the name of the current network card 3.2 ethtool checks whether the driver and network card support […]