Netty calls System.exit(n) to exit the application after a certain number of retries (2)

============================== System.exit() method ================= ============== Prototype: System.exit(int status) Its function is mainly to call Runtime.getRuntime().exit(status); The function is to terminate the currently running Java virtual machine. This status indicates the exit status code, and non-zero indicates abnormal termination. (You can return a call return code to the caller of other processes to adopt different strategies […]

Netty decodes delimiter-based and length-based protocols

In the process of using Netty, you will encounter delimiter and frame length based protocols that require decoders. Let’s look at the implementation provided by Netty to handle these scenarios. 1 Delimiter-based protocol Delimited message protocols use defined characters to mark the beginning or end of a message or message segment (often called a frame). […]

“Beyond Limits – How to Use Netty to Process Large Data Efficiently?” – Master Netty Skills to Easily Handle Massive Data Processing!

1 Write large data How to efficiently write large chunks of data in an asynchronous framework is a special problem because of the possibility of network saturation. Since the write operation is non-blocking, even if not all data has been written, the write operation will return and notify the ChannelFuture when complete. When this happens, […]

Netty core technology 2–BIO programming

1. I/O model A simple understanding of the I/O model: what kind of channel is used to send and receive data, determines the performance of program communication to a large extent Java supports 3 network programming models/IO modes: BIO, NIO, AIO Java BIO: Synchronize and block (traditional blocking type), the server implementation mode is one […]

C# using Netty demo

Write the directory title here a server Second client A server using System; using System. Text; using System. Threading. Tasks; using DotNetty. Buffers; using DotNetty. Codecs; using DotNetty.Common.Concurrency; using DotNetty. Transport. Bootstrapping; using DotNetty. Transport. Channels; using DotNetty.Transport.Channels.Sockets; namespace Nettyfwq {<!– –> public class TcpServer {<!– –> public async Task Start() {<!– –> IEventLoopGroup bossGroup […]

Netty-RPC framework implementation solution

Article directory Netty-RPC framework implementation solution flow chart key components implementation details summary Netty-RPC framework implementation solution Flowchart Key components In general, I divide the whole framework into four parts: Provider, Consumer, API, server, Register Provider : Producer – the provider of the service, used to provide the implementation of the service Consumer : Consumer […]

Talk about the Netty threading model

Hello everyone, I am Yi An! Netty is a high-performance network application framework, which is widely used. At present, in the field of Java, Netty has basically become the standard configuration of network programs. The Netty framework is rich in functions and very complex. Today we mainly analyze the threading model in the Netty framework, […]

Springboot implements webocket long connection (4) –netty+websocekt+server

springboot implements webocket long connection (4) Demo download address: Various websocket implementation methods, some of which are based on spring-websocekt, and some are based on the netty framework, which can be used immediately. The previous blog used spring-websocket to implement the websocket server. Now we use the netty framework to implement it, which is more […]