Downloading and decompression of compressed files through the minio server

1: Download the compressed file to the local server //Download the compressed file public static void main(String[] args) {<!– –> try {<!– –> // Initialize the MinIO client MinioClient minioClient = MinioClient. builder() .endpoint(“http://” + “”) .credentials(“admin”, “admin123456”) .build(); // Download the compressed file to the local file system, a temporary file generated in temp […]

Use Matlab script to realize A2L, ELF file replacement

1. A2L file introduction A2L file is a kind of car calibration software, using A2L file, it is very convenient to carry out parameter calibration. The A2L file contains data parameters such as the calibration amount and data type specified in the Simulink model; when using INCA for calibration, the A2L file needs to be […]

Zip file password cracking with Python and Hack

1. Required libraries: **import zipfile<br>**import optparse<br>**from threading import Thread<br><br>(1) zipfile:<br>1.1 zipfile.ZipFile(fileName[, mode[, compression[, allowZip64]]])<br>There is no doubt about fileName.<br>mode is the same as general file operations, ‘r’ means to open an existing read-only ZIP file; ‘w’ means to clear and open a write-only ZIP file, or create a write-only ZIP file;’ a’ means to open […]

Use of QFileDialog, QFontDialog and QColofDialog in Qt5.12 combat

Reference to the file: #include instantiated object: QFileDialog filedlg(nullptr,//parent window “open image file”, //title “C:”,//default directory “ImageFile(*.jpg *.png)”);//File type filtering //show if(filedlg.exec()==QDialog::Accepted){ } display effect File dialog example source code: QFileDialog fileDlg(this, “FileDialog”, “c://”, “All File(*.*);;” “Video File(*.mp4 *.avi *.mkv *.flv);;” “Doc File(*.pdf *.doc *.docx *.xls *.xlsx)”); fileDlg.setWindowTitle(QString::fromLocal8Bit(“Please select a file”)); fileDlg.exec(); QStringList selectFiles = […]

Empty folders cannot be deleted and cannot be opened, “The item does not exist, please confirm the location of the item”, “The item is being opened and cannot be deleted”, “The file is damaged or has been moved and deleted” (multiple methods with graphic explanations, details Need to pay attention, and possible problems)

1. Preliminary summary – the situation that triggers this folder This file or folder that cannot be deleted is actually an ancestral bug of the Windows system that has not been fixed so far, so we need to deal with it through special means. Listening to my slow talk about his reasons may be helpful […]

Mkdocs configuration file description (mkdocs.yml)

Mkdocs Official documentation: Changing the colors – Material for MkDocs It is recommended to study the above official website in detail ↑↑↑ I put my current partial configuration file mkdocs.yml code below #[Info] site_name: #site name site_url: #website address site_author: #author name #[UI] theme: name: material palette: #primary: blue gray – scheme: default # day […]

Windows | Add the KDE Connect device to the file right-click menu Send to, and quickly send files to the device

Article directory 1. Introduction 2. Relevant basis 1. kdeconnect-cli command 2. Send to option in the right-click menu of the file 3. Hide the command line window when running with vbs 3. Write VBS scripts 4. Hide format extension and modify icon 1. Introduction KDE Connect is a cross-platform interconnection open source tool for Linux, […]

Use py and flask to browse the server system directory, and log files can be displayed on the web page in real time

I hope to see the log in color, and I hope to see it from the browser instead of connecting to the machine. Browse the folders of the system, scan + the hierarchical name of the system folder as url routing, you can deeply see the folders at any level on the machine, and realize […]

python log with support for color printing and file size slicing and writing to mongodb

1. The custom ColorHandler and MongoHandler are used in the project, and the built-in RotatingFileHandler and the ConcurrentRotatingFileHandler of the three-party library are used. Logs with different logger names are supported to be written to different files, and logs with different logger names are written to different mongodb collections. LogManager is easier to call, because […]