Article directory 1. Basic concept of modularization 2. Modularity in Node.js 【1】Classification of modules in Node.js 【2】Load module 【3】Module scope 【4】Externally share members in module scope 【5】Modular specification 3. npm and packages (packages/dependencies/plug-ins) 【1】Basic knowledge of packages: 【2】Develop your own package 【3】Release package 4. Module loading mechanism 【1】Load from cache first 【2】Loading mechanism of built-in […]

STM32 ~ The differences and implementation principles between different GPIO modes

The full name of GPIO is General Purpose Input Output, which is general-purpose input/output. In fact, the essence of GPIO is a pin of the chip. Usually all I/O in ARM are common. However, since each development board will be designed with different peripheral circuits, the functions of the GPIO may be different. Most GPIOs […]

Use PyTorch to implement the Skip-gram model in Word2Vec

First, a custom data set using the Word2VecDataset class is created to generate training data. Then, the Skip-gram model is defined and trained using the cross-entropy loss function and Adam optimizer. In each training epoch, the data loader is traversed, forward-propagating, computing loss, back-propagating, and weight updates for each batch. Finally, the trained word vector […]

python-network request module one

urllib module Understanding urllib The urllib library is Python’s built-in HTTP request library. The upper-layer interface provided by the urllib module makes accessing data on www and ftp just like accessing local files. There are the following modules: urllib.request request module urllib.error exception handling module urllib.parse url parsing module urllib.robotparser robots.txt parsing module Details of […]

modbusmodbus java program reading

Introduction This article introduces how to use a java program to simply read the modbus slave program. For related code and software resources, please refer to the appendix. Concept Modbus is a serial communication protocol published by Modicon Corporation (now Schneider Electric) in 1979 for communication using programmable logic controllers (PLCs). Modbus has become the […]

DOM Document Object Model

10.DOM Document Object Model 1. Composition of DOM nodes Element node Attribute node Text node Labels are element nodes The value of class id, etc. is the attribute node Text, spaces, and newlines are text nodes. <div class=”box”>Hello</div> <Element Node Attribute Node>Text Node</Element Node> 2How to get page elements Get getElementById based on id <div […]

[Kernel driver] Kernel module commands

00. Directory Article directory 00. Table of Contents 01. Overview 02. insmod 03. lsmod 04. depmod 05.rmmod 06. modinfo 07. The system automatically loads modules 08. Appendix 01. Overview We have compiled our own kernel module as expected, and now it is time to understand how to use this kernel module. Copy test.ko to the […]

Vue conference room time picker (modified)

Vue conference room time picker Original link: Compare the modified content of the original text 1. The original article used a time interval selector based on 5-minute intervals, but here it has been changed to a half-hour interval. 2. The css style was modified, and the original timeline was changed to box selection. 3. […]

4-3 nn.functional and nn.Module

One, nn.functional and nn.Module Earlier we introduced some common APIs in Pytorch’s tensor structural operations and mathematical operations. Using these tensor APIs, we can build neural network-related components (such as activation functions, model layers, loss functions). In fact: Most of the functional components related to Pytorch and neural networks are encapsulated under the torch.nn module. […]