Hand Shred Visual Slam14 Lecture ch13 Code (4) VisualOdometry class and project main function

1.run_kitti_stereo.cpp Next we start to enter the main project function run_kitti_stereo.cpp. The process is very simple: First, a class pointer vo of the VisualOdometry class is instantiated and the address of the config is passed in. Then the vo class pointer calls the Init() function in the VisualOdometry class to initialize VO. After successful initialization, […]

Use Mybatis Generator (MBG for short) to generate code

Preface: Use Mybatis Generator (MBG for short) to generate code Preparation (two rack bags) 1. mybatis-generator-core-1.3.2.jar (package for generating code) 2. mysql-connector-java-5.1.38.jar (package for linking to the database) Configuration file (generatorConfig.xml) <?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″?> <!DOCTYPE generatorConfiguration PUBLIC “-//mybatis.org//DTD MyBatis Generator Configuration 1.0//EN” “http://mybatis.org/dtd/mybatis-generator-config_1_0.dtd”> <generatorConfiguration> <!– classPathEntry: jar package address of the JDBC driver of the […]

MyBatis enhancement (1)~mybatis code generator Generator

1. mybatis code generator Generator ? Introduction: ? MyBatis Generator, referred to as MBG, is a code generator specially provided for iBatis and MyBatis framework users. You can quickly generate corresponding model objects, Mapper interfaces, Mapper files, and even QBC style query objects based on the table. MBG supports basic add, delete, modify, and query […]


Article directory 1. Basic concept of modularization 2. Modularity in Node.js 【1】Classification of modules in Node.js 【2】Load module 【3】Module scope 【4】Externally share members in module scope 【5】Modular specification 3. npm and packages (packages/dependencies/plug-ins) 【1】Basic knowledge of packages: 【2】Develop your own package 【3】Release package 4. Module loading mechanism 【1】Load from cache first 【2】Loading mechanism of built-in […]

House rental and sales information system source code + database based on Vue and SpringBoot

House rental and sale information system Complete code download address: House rental and sales information system Software Introduction This software is a house rental and sale information system based on Vue and SpringBoot. It mainly includes three business lines: house rental, house sale, and house transaction. Developers can use this project Carry out secondary development […]

STM32 ~ The differences and implementation principles between different GPIO modes

The full name of GPIO is General Purpose Input Output, which is general-purpose input/output. In fact, the essence of GPIO is a pin of the chip. Usually all I/O in ARM are common. However, since each development board will be designed with different peripheral circuits, the functions of the GPIO may be different. Most GPIOs […]

Shock! In addition to playing Landlord in IDEA, I also want to play Monopoly! vscode also arranges one

1. Introduction Originally, some time ago, around March or April, I found this plug-in xechat-idea when I was fishing. You can fish, fight landlords, chat, etc. in idea. The project address is https://github.com/anlingyi/xechat-idea , QQ group number 754126966 Then I tried to develop two games, one was Monopoly and the other was UNO (Both of […]

Use PyTorch to implement the Skip-gram model in Word2Vec

First, a custom data set using the Word2VecDataset class is created to generate training data. Then, the Skip-gram model is defined and trained using the cross-entropy loss function and Adam optimizer. In each training epoch, the data loader is traversed, forward-propagating, computing loss, back-propagating, and weight updates for each batch. Finally, the trained word vector […]

Design and implementation based on Java university library (source code + lw + deployment documents + explanation, etc.)

Blogger Introduction: ?300,000+ fans across the entire network, csdn guest author, blog expert, CSDN Rising Star Program mentor, high-quality creator in the Java field, Blog Star, Nuggets / Huawei Cloud / Alibaba Cloud / InfoQ and other platforms are high-quality authors, focusing on the field of Java technology and practical graduation projects? Contact for source […]