C++ MATLAB mixed programming – VS project calls MATLAB function DLL

Tag: C++ MATLAB Hybrid Programming VS Calling MATLAB Function Introduction MATLAB is undoubtedly a powerful matrix operation and data analysis software, which integrates many functions inside. It will bring great convenience to our data analysis research if we can call related functions when programming in C++. Here is a summary of how to call MATLAB […]

Encyclopedia of C language functions — functions starting with x (4)

C language function collection This article introduces the complete set of C language functions — functions starting with x 1. xdr_struct 1.1 Function Description Function Declaration Function Function bool_t xdr_struct(XDR *xdrs, void *addr, …); for encoding or decoding structures Body data Parameters: xdrs : Pointer to the XDR data structure representing the data stream to […]

Two JS handwriting questions a day—manually implement the call, apply, and bind functions in JS

Functions in JavaScript are first-class citizens and can be passed around and used like ordinary variables. This flexibility allows functions to be used in various scenarios, such as invocation of object methods, creation of constructors, and prototypal inheritance. During the use of functions, call, apply, bind are some of the more commonly used methods in […]

Generator functions and yield in JavaScript

This article has participated in the “Newcomer Creation Ceremony” activity, and together we will start the road to gold nugget creation. Generator functions and yield statements A generator function is a special type of function in JavaScript that produces multiple values incrementally, rather than returning all the results at once. Unlike ordinary functions, generator functions […]

Hive custom UDF, UDTF function

Custom UDF, UDTF, UDAF functions (1) Custom UDF: Inherit UDF, rewrite evaluate method (2) Custom UDTF: Inherited from GenericUDTF, rewrite 3 methods: initialize (custom output column name and type), process (return the result to forward (result)), close Package = “upload cluster path =” register in hive client Why customize UDF/UDTF? Because of the custom function, […]

The principle of polymorphism, the virtual function table of single inheritance and multiple inheritance, and the printing of virtual function table.

1. The principle of polymorphism 1. What is the following result? class A { public: virtual void func() { cout << “func()” << endl; } private: int_a = 1; }; int main() { printf(“%d\\ “, sizeof(A)); return 0; } Is it 4? 8? or how much? The printed results are as follows: Why 8? , […]

The essence of the cache and memory function memoize

I am participating in the “Nuggets·Starting Plan” Foreword Memory functions, that is, functions with caching capabilities. For ordinary calculation functions, more space is exchanged for time, which has certain advantages in a large number of complex calculation scenarios (long recursive or long iterative operations) Just look at an example function add(a, b) {<!– –> return […]

Role management basic functions & permission display settings

Basic functions of role management First create a role.vue in sys under views, copy the content of user.vue in and modify the corresponding position. <template> <div> <!– Search Bar –> <el-card class=”box-card” id=”search”> <el-row> <el-col :span=”20″> <el-input v-model=”searchModel.rolename” placeholder=”role name” ></el-input> <el-button @click=”getRoleList” type=”primary” round icon=”el-icon-search” >Query</el-button > </el-col> <el-col :span=”4″ align=”right”> <el-button @click=”openEditUI(null)” type=”primary” […]