Core Features: File input and output using XML and YAML files OpenCV v4.8.0

Previous Tutorial Discrete Fourier Transform Next tutorial How to parallelize your code using OpenCV parallel_for_ Original author Bernát Gábor Compatibility OpenCV >= 3.0 Goals You’ll find answers to the following questions: How to print and read text entries to a file and OpenCV using YAML or XML files? How can I do the same with […]

Core function: change the contrast and brightness of the image OpenCV v4.8.0

Previous tutorial: Adding (blending) two images using OpenCV Next tutorial: Discrete Fourier Transform Original author Ana Huamán Compatibility OpenCV >= 3.0 Goals In this tutorial you will learn how to Access pixel values Initialize matrix with zeros Learn what cv::saturate_cast does and its usefulness Get some cool information about pixel transforms Improve image brightness with […]

Centos7 installs the latest stable version of Redis7.x | Configure startup (hardcore level | nanny level)

Advanced syntax and practical combat of classes in Python3 Python3 (basic | advanced) syntax practice (|multi-threading|multi-process|thread pool|process pool technology)|solutions to multi-thread security issues Python3 data science package series (1): Practical data analysis Python3 data science package series (2): Practical data analysis Python3 data science package series (3): Practical data analysis Win11 View the installed Python […]

Core Features: Mat – Basic Image Container OpenCV v4.8.0

Next tutorial: How to scan an image, lookup table and measure time using OpenCV Original author Bernát Gábor Compatibility OpenCV >= 3.0 Goals We have many ways to acquire digital images from the real world: digital cameras, scanners, computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging, to name a few. In each case, what we (humans) see […]

vue, vuex state management, vuex core concept state state

The core of every Vuex application is the store. A “store” is basically a container that contains most of the state in your application. There are two differences between Vuex and simple global objects: Vuex’s state storage is reactive. When a Vue component reads state from the store, if the state in the store changes, […]

From 0 to 1, teach you step by step how to write the “Message Queue” project (Java implementation) – core class memory storage

Article directory 1. Memory storage Switch storage structure queue storage structure Binding relationship storage structure All message information storage structure The message information storage structure corresponding to the queue Message storage structure that was taken but not responded to 2. Write code 1. Memory storage Let’s first design how to store data in memory. In […]